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ArcSys' underrated fighter 0

Battle Fantasia might not be as polished or balanced as many of the big name fighters out there, but it's a lot of fun, and criminally overlooked, especially in retrospect to its overrated cousin BlazBlue.Although it is similar to Guilty Gear in many respects, it doesn't just copy-paste and then screw with the source code like BlazBlue does. Battle Fantasia's visuals and gameplay tweaks allow it to stand on its own two feet without completely falling over. Characters, although many of them have ...

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Great Potential...Wasted Oppertunity. 0

A while ago, I came across a game that I never saw in the stores before. Called “Battle Fantasia” and produced by Aksys games and developed by Arc system works, I got excited by the prospects of what I uncovered. A 3-D fighting game on a 2-D plane, with great influence in fantasy and steampunk elements, makes for an interesting experience to say the least, so I took a gamble on something new. When the dust was settled, and I exhausted my time with it, I was torn though, by how I felt about the...

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High Fantasy meets Erotic Fantasy 0

Battle Fantasia : A Cel-shaded, medieval fighting game from Ark System Works, whom are famous for a very wonderfully obscene franchise.Story : So there was this massive evil force, some kind of black-armoured embodiment of all things diabolical, and all the races in this mystical kingdom united to trap him in what looks like some giant volcano. However, evil stirs once more and…well this sounds familiar. Well they’re about 7-50 years too late depending on which adaptation we’re talking about, bu...

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