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Battle Heat is a game with simple mechanics which relies mainly on the appeal of the animated scenes. Commands are input and pre-recorded sequences showing the characters performing their moves/etc. are played as a result; these attacks can be dodged, blocked, or countered. There are solutions to most actions, I.E. block breakers, counter-counters (which lead to long strings of countering) etc. The CPU is extremely difficult to defeat. A variety of characters are selectable, each with their own theme songs and actions; there are also two unplayable (by default, anyway) boss characters. The first player controller defaults to the hero's side while the second player's controller defaults to the villain's side, although the first player gets to pick who's who! 
CONTROLS: There are a number of universal functions that apply to all characters. 
The controller's buttons perform the following functions:  
 I = taunt
II = guard, parry, dodge, duck, etc. direction presses are also necessary depending on the enemy's actions.
III = light attack
IV= heavy attack
V = jump 
VI = Special   
 Double tapping up or down will make you close in on or build space between you and your opponent, respectively.  

ProximityMove NameCommand
 close or far Strong high attack Up,   heavy attack
 close or far Light high attack Up,   light attack
 close or far Strong low attack Down,   heavy attack
 close or far Light low attack Down,   light attack
 far Jumping attack Jump, down,   heavy attack
 close or far Persuit While opponent is down, jump,   heavy attack
 close Upper attack (Kliph side only) diagonal up-right,   heavy attack
 far bullet attack (Kliph side only) Left,  light attack
 far bullet attack (Empire side only) Right,   light attack
 far burning assault (Kliph side only) Half circle back,   special (special conditions required?)

DESPERATION MOVES: These can only be performed if you have 1/4 or less of your life bar remaining. Some are unblockable!
ProximityMove NameCommand
 Close or far Tricky combo (light) Down, left, down, right, special
 Close or far Superfast attack (light) Right, right, special
 Close or Far Tricky Combo (heavy) Up, left, up, right, special
 Close or Far Superfast attack (heavy) Left, left, right, special
ProximityMove NameCommand
 Close or far Tricky combo (light)     Down, right, down, left, special
 Close or far Superfast attack (light) Left, left, special
 Close or far Tricky Combo (heavy) Up, right, up,, left, special
 Close or far Superfast attack (heavy) right, right, left, special


The Holy Dark Empire! 
Our protagonist, Kai, is the prince of  one of the countries in the Republic of Kliph. Recently his father has disappeared, and the longtime enemies of the Kliph, calling themselves the "Holy Dark Empire" have staged a coup and taken control of all the countries in Kliph; Led by the ruthless Emperor Götz von Dark they have quickly suppressed most resistance. However, due to an old martial tradition, the Holy Dark Empire holds an annual martial arts competition and this year the Emperor himself is participating. Kai and his friends will defeat him and re-establish peace in their homelands!


 Our heroes, the good guys! They're fighting for freedom from the Holy Dark Empire and to restore peace to their homelands. 
Shouldn't I be in some kind of post-apocalyptic setting? 

Two-tone hair is royal.
Real men shout constantly. 
Look at that beard and 'stache combo. He MUST be wise.
Grand Gray


 Nobody who willingly refers to themselves as a "dark empire" can be up to anything good! 
YURIAAAAA!! Oh, wait...
I hate everyone. 
 (generic martial arts screeching sounds)
Götz von Dark 
UNPLAYABLE BOSSES (apparently usable via a code, though) 
 I'll be back!
Uh oh!
True Götz von Dark

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