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In Battle Master the player has a choice of two player characters. Roy is light fighter with low armour and greater mobility. Arnold is the large powerful fighter who's a bit slow on his feet.
The game can be played by one player or by two players as a co-op game. Gameplay consists of slashing through hordes of colourful enemies which appear from all angles as the hero works his way to the right of the screen in classic brawler style. At the end of each level there is a boss battle. The bosses in this game are well drawn but are not particularly interesting by the average standards of the genre.  There are breakables such as crates and barrels which yeild rewards like gold and jewels but these serve only to increase the player's score.

Battle Masters is controlled using two buttons. One for Jump one for attack. Different attacks are performed according to the proximity of the target. In the arcade Battle Masters was a real coin muncher with the difficulty ramping up very quickly it is very difficult to survive in a single player game without spending many many credits.

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