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Battle diffent enemy sea vessels
Battle Shark was developed and released by Taito in 1989. It featured a unique and attention grapping cabinet designed that featured a submarine periscope. The players could move the handles up, down, left and right in order to control the game. Battle Shark is often remembered more for its unique cabinet design rather than its gameplay. 


Battle sea creatures as well.
World War III has broken out and different world nations are seeking for peace negotiations. The enemy goes along with the negotiation, but only to hide their true intentions. The enemy is building an underground fortress that is cabable of winning them the war if it is completed. A military force comprised of submarines and battle ships set out to hault construction of the fortress and defeat the enemy. 


One of the many boss encounters
Battle Shark is an on rails shooter that takes place in the first person perspective. The player can physically control an actual periscope attached to the game. The periscope controls the movement of a cursor on screen. The cursor can be moved all around the screen as well as zoom the perspective closer and further. The submarine is armed with torpedos, that can be shot at sea creatures and enemy vehicles. The torpedos are limited, but they will replenish slowly overtime.  There are many different powerups in the game to increase the submarines fire power. The game spans levels that take place at different depths of the ocean, and there is the occassional moments in which the submarine surfaces. At the end of each level there will be a boss battle, and battles are both above and under water.

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