Is This Game Still Happening?

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During the last gen of consoles I fell in love with Alien Hominid and everything about it. I felt like it was an indie classic of the PS2 era. Castle Crashers, also fucking rocks. I remember seeing trailers for this game years ago with enough gameplay footage to lead me to believe that it was mostly finished, and now they've pushed it back to 2012 with absolutely no other news surrounding it. How much polish can an indie 2D shooter have?

Anybody have any news, or thoughts on it?

If anybody forgot, here's the trailer.

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Just remembered this game and wondered what was up. From a quick google search it seems like more focus is around selling Castle Crashers merch, which is a bit wierd. Hopefully the dev's presence at Comic-Con may shed some light on how this game is going.

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I was just thinking of this the other day. Feels like this was announced a lifetime ago, I wonder how the reaction to it would be at this point. I kinda feel like the days of Castle Crashers being this in the spotlight darling 2D indie game are sort of over given how many similar looking have come and gone since then.

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@BisonHero: Apparently that's just him because he's always like that, well either that or he is on a constant supply of methamphetamines.

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