Free Battlefield 1943 Giveaway (PSN)

#1 Posted by Soliddragon24 (62 posts) -

I am getting BC2 and it comes with 1943, I already have that so I'm giving it away. Reply in the thread, I'll check back in 24 hours and I'll select someone at random. This is for PSN in case that isn't clear.  

#2 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5818 posts) -

Do want.

#3 Posted by Nasar7 (2805 posts) -

If you sent it my way I'd be grateful :)

#4 Posted by leftystarman (28 posts) -


#5 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1213 posts) -

May i please have your copy:)

#6 Posted by Zajtalan (1163 posts) -

hi :D

#7 Posted by ESREVER (2698 posts) -

Sure, I've been meaning to check it out: 
PSN = MaceX

#8 Posted by Tonysix (5 posts) -

Pick me ! 
PSN = Tonysix

#9 Posted by DeathbyYeti (767 posts) -


#10 Posted by benpicko (2006 posts) -

Yes please!

#11 Posted by ColMirage (257 posts) -

That's nice! Maybe my PS3 will see some use again, hehe.

#12 Posted by Butano (1790 posts) -

Nice! Would definitely use it during my MvC3 rages.

#13 Posted by Grillbar (1912 posts) -

sure why not. psn=grillbar

#14 Posted by NoCookiesForYou (767 posts) -

Yes please!

#15 Edited by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

That would be wonderful!
PSN = xobballox

#16 Edited by Anupsis (312 posts) -

Hope I get it!
psn: Anupsis

#17 Edited by DelroyLindo (387 posts) -

Yes please 
PSN: DelroyLindo

#18 Posted by Omega (836 posts) -

This is a cool idea. 
C'mon random chance! No whammies! Big Money! What was the last bid? Okay I'll bid one dollar, Bob! etc. etc. 

#19 Posted by AlisterCat (5726 posts) -

Sure. I'll take a shot.

#20 Posted by Freakboy (10 posts) -

I wouldn't mind BF1943 for PSN.

#21 Posted by Sveppi (129 posts) -

Can haz?

#22 Posted by Pathos (202 posts) -

Omg omg OMG! 
PSN: ThirtiethTwelve 
Yay! :D

#23 Posted by pantzing_nome (588 posts) -

Sounds good I've been looking for another reason to play my ps3.

#24 Posted by doom3d (1 posts) -

I'm in!

#25 Posted by Soliddragon24 (62 posts) -

code's been pmed! congrats!

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