Tour of Duty 2

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What rank were you when you completed the Tour of Duty 2 achievement? I'm six games away, and I'm a Bronze Lieutenant (25).
#2 Posted by jhosaphat (269 posts) -

Since nobody else cares, I'll post my own. I unlocked the achievement last night. I am at level 27. I've been playing for 23 hours, 41 minutes. I've give my K/D ratio, but I'm not really interested in embarrassing myself.
#3 Posted by PufferFiz (1465 posts) -

I don't remember exactly but the 23-24 hours sounds about right from what I remember doing.

#4 Posted by Phonics (328 posts) -

Ive played for 18 hours and Im about 10 games away from Tour of Duty II.
 My rank is #33 I think (First Lieutenant Gold)

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