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Battlefield 1943

In a market dominated by shooters, it is inevitable that the usual run-and-shoot gameplay that comes with these games will begin to become a bore to most players; after all, how long can one play Call of Duty before the excitement of grenades exploding and spawn camping becomes as dull as a rock? Battlefield 1943 manages to avoid this curse in a stellar way because of its large-scale multiplayer battles, accessability, and overall unique charm, especially for a Playstation Network game only priced at fifteen dollars.
The first thing a player will notice is the rich, colorful sights they will see in battle. Battlefield 1943 is beautiful to look at in every way. The colors leap out of the screen, and the Frostbite engine creates a realistic war featuring nearly completely destructible environments; therefore, hiding in a bunker will not guarantee your safety in this World War II game. The graphics never encounter any sort of bugs or glitches, and the design of the massive maps players will wage war on is masterful. What is especially remarkable about the graphics of Battlefield 1943 is the fact that this game is a downloadable game exclusively, but it can compete with most recent shooters. While the graphics of Battlefield 1943 are not as gorgeous as a shooter like Killzone 2, they are absolutely fantastic when one considers that this is exclusively a downloadable game. 
The next things the player will notice are the sounds of war all around them. Battlefield 1943 is truly unique in its realistic emulation of the sounds of war. The muffled sounds of far-away gunshots, the screaming siren of fighter pilots nose-diving just overhead, the roar of an immense tank only a few feet behind you, and the humming of boats carrying troops to their destination are all present in this game and are all rendered clearly. The orchestral track that plays in the game's opening menu is truly one that will help to excite you for the war ahead, and will very quickly have you humming its tune outside of gameplay. The sound of Battlefield 1943 helps to create the realistic war that this game should be revered for. 
Perhaps the most memorable attribute of Battlefield 1943 is the gameplay. The game sports an online-only display of a land, sea, and air battle. There is only one game mode in Battlefield 1943, called Conquest, in which opposing teams attempt to capture the five flags on the map, while each team's life bar continues to deplete according to how any flags they have captured. All aspects of battle are flawless; all of the games vehicles control beautifully, and all three classes of soldiers, which players can choose before spawning, are well-balanced. EA announced that a second game mode could be unlocked as soon as the community of Playstation Network gathered 43,000,000 kills collectively; this new game mode is Air Superiority, a fighter-pilot exclusive mode made for players who love the thrill of dogfighting. This game mode functions similarly to Conquest, but is more difficult to approach without having had some practice at becoming a fighter pilot; however, practicing at this game mode pays off in enjoyment. Battlefield 1943 sports a simple gmeplay formula, and it works in every way possible. There are only four maps in total within Battlefield 1943, but considering the price a player pays for this game, it is well worth it, and it is very possible that more maps will be unlocked as the online community collects more kills.
In Conclusion, Battlefield 1943 is simply a game that needs to be enjoyed by all players who love shooters. It is simple, accessible, fun, and is priced at only fifteen dollars. Battlefield 1943 is a breath of fresh air in the Shooter genre, and can compete with the most highly acclaimed games of the genre.
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