supakoopatroopa's Battlefield 1943 (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

Limited amount of weapons, but you get to drive tanks and fly.

The graphics aren't bad for a $15 game, they aren't CoD quality, but they are a little better than DoD: Source I suppose. There are a few glitches, and every once in a while polygons will go crazy all over the screen. This very rarely ruins the gameplay.

The controls are a little stiff, but after a while of playing they don't seem so bad. It doesn't feel like a normal FPS.

The maps are very big islands that you will be fighting your way across, trying to capture flag points. The team whose point meter runs out first loses. Games usually last around 10-15 minutes. The battles require combined team effort, if you try to go solo, chances are you may get a lot of points, but you will also contribute to losing the game.

Flying airplanes might seem hard at first, but you can invert the controls to the way you want them. The controls are a little unrealistic, but you do feel badass when you're flying around shooting others out of the sky and dropping bombs on unexpecting tanks. It will take a while to become a good enough pilot to actually hit your target or dogfight two or three planes at once. I feel that you can get more kills while on foot than in a plane, but sometimes there are enemy planes or tanks shooting up your teammates and you have to go up there and save the day.

Tanks are very powerful, but can be taken out fairly easy if you have a rocket launcher or are against it with a group of people. The tanks move and sound realistic, but a problem I noticed is that the cross hairs on the third person view is way off. It's better to go into first person for aiming the guns. Also, watch out going of high ledges, you can tip over and even explode.

There are also jeeps and boats that you can use for getting from one side of the map to the other quickly. If you feel like you've got a good camping spot, hop on the jeep's machine gun, but be quick to get off if you are under fire or you are sure to get killed.

The accuracy of weapons and bombs are kind of off. I've shot wildly into the air as people were charging me and got head shots. I've also seen many bombs fall right in front of me and I don't die, unless the bomb lands directly on my head.

Because spawn points aren't very random, an easy way to get kills is to stay inside an enemy base and watch for a spawn point. Then just hide about 2 feet behind that spawn point and shoot the enemies in the back as soon as they spawn. This can be a problem.

Even with these problems, you will still find yourself laughing when you do things like shoot planes out of the sky with a tank, or when one of your bombing raids drops bombs directly on a plane flying in the air.

This game does offer a different experience than most other WWII shooters, but if you watch a few gameplay videos and don't think you will like it, then don't get it, because you probably won't. It is worth playing, but is not a must have.


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