riotbananas's Battlefield 1943 (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Battlefield 19PHWOARTY3

See what I did there?

Considering GB themselves haven't written a review, I'll do it myself,

Battlefield 1943 is considered the successor to BF 1942, but really it is alot closer to Battlefield Bad Company, they use the same engine and have alot of similarities - recycled sound effects etc -

Now anyone who has played this game so far will have realised there has been alot of issues with joining games/friends, apparently due to such "high demand" for this game, whether this is an over zealous statement from DICE is beyond me, but it seems to fit the bill.

The gameplay is very Battlefield, by which I mean, GTA + COD = Battlefield

You have so many options with which to fiddle with, do you go sniper and stay away from the fight? or choose Infantry and run in with a rocket launcher? either way, you'll have fun, this version of BF seems to be totally based around fun, things that hint to this are mainly in the fact that you have unlimited ammo, you merely have to wait for it regen (which takes about 5 seconds) this saves alot of time worrying about how much ammunition you have in the heat of battle, and also saved alot of entities whilst developing the game I'm sure!

The only real negatives I can think of are that there are no options to unlock any new weapons, with only 3 primary weapons to choose from, I can see this being an issue after a few months of serious play. Also, the game only has 3 maps, one of which "Wake Island" seems alot smaller than the others and attracts alot more vehicular play. Vehicles which might I say feel slightly put of play on the small islands of the specific, Planes fit nicely, - PROTIP: go into the options and set the invert axis ON for flying planes this feels much more natural when flying.

Once you get past the server issues, which are actually nearly fixed 3 days after launch, there isn't many games as fun as this online, which is good, because it's online only!

I hope to see you on the Battlefield!



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