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This game is, quite simply put, outstanding.

There's been a lot of debate during the run up to it's release over whether this game was worth the price tag and whether it would be a stripped down 'console-ified' version on 1942. Whilst I certainly didn't think that Bad Company's multiplayer 

World War Two has never been this... fresh.
was as good as a Battlefield game on the PC, I found myself experiencing nearly every part of Battlefield that I love in this quasi-sequel without any (or at least most) of the flaws I had come to expect in the Battlefield games. The tanks are still tough to destroy unless you've got the right kit, and sometimes fate throws you a bad card and you end up on a team filled with incompetent imbecieles, but it's still fun. That's what I really enjoy about this game- It's just so damned fun! Admitedley, I've only played the game for about five or so hours- Not even close to my time on 2142- but I've enjoyed what I've played immensly. The network issues were a problem on the part of the developers, but they do nothing to mar the quality of an amazingly well produced game.
Now, I won't drag on- god forbid- and instead just summarise this in a way that minimalises work for me and maximises usefulness for you.

Good Points:

  1. Great Graphics.
  2. A lot of replayability.
  3. Vehicles are really fun to drive.
  4. The planes are among the most awesome things ever.
  5. Nice music, when it plays.
  6. Bombing Raids.
  7. It's still Battlefield, and the losses of some classes doesn't affect it much, if at all.

Bad Points:

  1. Network issues.
  2. Tanks are hard to take out. I know that's how it's supposed to be, but man. Those tanks.
  3. It's still Battlefield, so if you've played a lot of the games, there's not much innovation to be found here.

A word on Coral Sea:

Man. If this mode isn't the most fun thing I've played in ages. Just imagine flying along with about five of your friends and about four or five enemies coming at you at once. Now imagine it takes place in something akin to a scene out of Jurassic Park. Now imagine it listening to this trailer, and you've got an awesome game mode.

Aaox is going to go play some more Air Superiority. Sees y'all next time.

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