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New standard for online shooters. 0

Battlefield 2 is one of those games you have to play to understand.To start off, the realism of the game (when on the right settings) is remarkable, the graphics alone make the battlefield come to life with blistering tracers flying overhead, contrails filling the sky or the dust flying away as a chopper touches down. The sound is no disappointment either, the realism of firing a weapon rarely comes this close to perfection. The direction, the type of weapon and even the number of troops can be ...

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Manly Competition 0

Running down that empty hallway and looking for a place to catch my breath seemed like the best action to take at the moment. After fighting off the swarms of enemy units and plugging a rocket right into the under-carriage of that menacing tank, I was fresh out of bullets. Peeking into the distance I could see the constant carnage of gripping confrontations, all just to seize control of a couple of title-less structures. Getting through isn't easy, as looking around every corner and being fully ...

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Great Game, Different Than Other Games 0

Ok, lets get the fact that this is not CS, HL2, or any FPS like them. This kind of FPS follows the idea that as long as you have vehicles, the size of the map doesn't matter, and people like a real life battle experience. And this is why I am somewhat dissapointed with this game. I don't play games to wait for a vehicle to spawn, or to waste stamina in less than 5 feet, or to jump in a helicopter only to be shot down a few seconds after takeoff. I play games to have fun, to be put in intense fir...

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Battlefield 2 is... 3

like a drug this game takes you into global conflicts with different armies such as the USMC and MEC. One of the first things you want to before you get online and play with people on servers is play a couple of single player rounds to get your skill up. guns are fairly balanced with a definite versatility to some and unique. While you do need a fairly powerful pc to run this game it will be worth it you will be logging hours in no time and gaining ranks online. Now that the informal introduct...

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Battlefield 2 shows us what "battlefield moments" are all about! 0

The Swedish steel is the toughest around when it comes to massive multiplayer mayhem! Battlefield 2 proves that point! The Good: Great deal for your money, Squad System, Map Sizes, Excellent graphics, Points System, Commander feature, Built-In VOiP. The Bad: Takes time to load maps, A bit slow to load with 512 mb ram, patches often bring along a bug or two, no in-game friends list. Game tends to feel a bit unbalanced when fighter-jets bomb everything and blow up everything in the air. Whe...

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The Reason PC Gaming is King 0

 The Battlefield series is a series I always thought would be fun, before it was called Battlefield. A while back, when MMOs were first getting started, there was a very interesting idea for a game called WWII Online. The game bombed, but I think the idea of it was terrific. Open battles; huge maps; combining a FPS with driving and flying. Finally, I got the beta for Battlefield 1942. It was everything I had hoped for, although it could have used a Ranking System for listing how well you've done...

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Phenominal FPS Shooter!! 64 People Maps! Tanks! Jets! Guns! 2

Battlefield 2 is one of those types of games, an FPS gamer uses as a benchmark, a game that just brings FPS fun to the next level. I bought this game a while ago after hearing my friends talk about it and expected it to be like Counterstrike but damn i was surprised! Tons of maps and rooms to chose from, rooms from 30 people to 64 people on big, fun maps. You then pick your spawn point and weapon to use. You start off with around 6 choises, machine guns, sniper, rocket launcher, support, shotg...

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Now this is true Warfare! 0

This game was released back in 2005, about 3 years ago and with all the new games coming out with outstanding graphics and gameplay, how would this game compete?Gameplay: What defines a Battlefield? a place where people fight? A war of conflicts? Well for this game, Battlefield defines our playground! It's amazing what you can do in this game, you're just given tools of modern destruction in your disposal and then the way you use them is really up to you, each weapon has it's limitation and weak...

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Great package with a few issues 0

Having played battlefield 2142 before Bf 2 i found the gameplay slightly linear compared. The majority of the weapons are too unaccurate and becoming a marksman with each weapon will take a large amount of time. Nevertheless, the content is there - 28 maps, 100 vehicles and endless amounts of play styles to suit anyone from sniping to anti tank to Medic. The vehicles offer much more variety compared to say COD4 which is basically set in the same environment. The expansion packs really add to t...

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This game is tactical based on a combination of assault and run! 0

Difficulty: Just Right Time Spent: 40 to 100 Hours "WOW" If you wanna experience awesome online this game is it! This game is overall fun when playing with friends in squads or with people you don't know. Squad gameplay is great preparing assaults and getting commands from the commander himself. The commander also plays a big part in exposing and setting up an advantage for his/her team. The online has up to 64 players. The vehicles are very fun and need practice to control especially the he...

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Battlefield 2 Review by VAC 0

Its BATTLEFIELD!!!! what else needs to be said? if your looking for one of the most intesive most tactical and action packed game in the FPS genre then look no further. It really doesn't get any better then this, this game has the LOT!!! you can jump into tanks/planes/helicopters/jeeps/APCs/boats/buildings/AA guns/Anti-tank mounted guns with a HOST of weaponry at your disposable this really is all you'd ever want in a game. A Game thats a bit multiplayer heavy which was my one and only complaint...

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It Has Its Quirks, But It's Full of Memorable Experiences 0

Battlefield 2 is the third installment of the franchise and by adding some new features (and leaving out a few), they've made an excellent game which all 1942 and Vietnam fans will love.  It does have a few weaknesses, but most of those are superficial and once you get into the actual game, it's incredible.   Graphics If you have the system to handle it, the game looks amazing.  This is most apparent while in flight as you can literally see for miles across the battlefield.  On the ground t...

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