It’s not dead until everyone stops playing it.

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Hello Everyone,

Recently with the release of Battlefield 3 and to a lesser extent EA’s new Origin service I have found myself drawn back into the battlefield series. Seeing all this new amazing battlefield footage floating around and with the ability to link my old games into a service that patches and downloads them automatically and I couldn’t resist. After installing 2142, I noticed some things that made me realize this is a perfect time for people to come back to 2142.

Reasons You Should Come Back:

  1. - The Northern Strike Package is now free – This is a big one. You know that $15.00 Expansion that most Battlefield games get that gives you like 10 new unlockables and a few new maps? You get that for free. If you link your copy with Origin (which does require you to contact EA support Live Chat since it is such an old game but it only takes 5 - 10 minutes to do) no matter what copy of 2142 you own currently, you will receive the Digital Deluxe edition. Not bad right? So everyone playing the game has all things available to them.
  2. - People still play it – There are only 10 - 25 Servers currently (based on when you play it), but 4 – 6 are usually populated at any given hour. This point is less important considering what I am trying to do, which is get more people to come back to the game, but I’m just informing you that if you install the game you can start playing, you don’t have to wait for people to get a game going.
  3. - The graphics still hold up and run on current computers – I have a modern computer, less than a year and a half old, it’s a gamming rig and runs games like Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Dead Space 2 without issues. No workarounds, patches, or compatibility files, the game runs great. So no headaches there for anyone, just install and play.
  4. - Origin Service – I was highly skeptical when I heard about Origin. I’ve been a Steam guy since the service launched (only way to get CS 1.6 patches haha) and I did not want to attach myself to another digital service. But if you really think about it, having another digital service is a good thing, competition between competitors’ means fighting over a consumer’s attention and money, which means sales from Steam and Origin, more available games, Etc. Also being able to download 2142 and most old EA games so that they work perfectly on current systems (no patching or PunkBuster issues !) is pretty awesome.

So if you have an old copy of 2142, I really encourage you to give it another go and keep the community alive.

The community that is within the game now is strong and dedicated, but it is small (100 – 300 people overall), and without new people I worry about the multiplayer game lasting for another year or two. Games used to be released and played for years, and I feel like BF2142 is a game that should be played and enjoyed for many more years to come.

My in game name is “Pilecki”, add me as a friend if you wish, I’m a cool dude. Otherwise I’ll be jumping from server to server; you’re bound to see me on there sooner or later. Thanks.

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I might have to give it a shot again. Jumping into a vehicle to get launched into the air to land on a floating carrier will always be awesome.

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@G0rd0nFr33m4n: so i have a retail disc of 2142. can i type in the cd key and redeem it on Origin? because that would make life easier 
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I'd love to go back but I think I lost the CD key at one point. I loved that game. Fucking knife fights on Berlin. I remember playing those when EA said it was stat padding and closed down the servers so we would play one match and then switch servers so we didn't get caught.

...Good times.....

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Plenty of punkbuster issues, as it's acting exactly the same.

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@Jackel2072 said:
@G0rd0nFr33m4n: so i have a retail disc of 2142. can i type in the cd key and redeem it on Origin? because that would make life easier 
You should be able to. Worked for my BF2 Complete Collection. I did mine through a few years back, before the client had a CD key redeemer. So if one method doesn't work, try the other.
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I had awesome times with b2142 but European servers are crap I think the main reason I stopped playing was because of lag (especially on the carriers)

Plus ud always get high level guys camping in the hallways of the carriers chucking down loads of sentrys.

Id love them to just make a sequel just to get everyone back to the same level. Also imagine the b3 engine IN THE FUTURE :)

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Man it's been years since i played 2142. Fuck it, i'm gonna find my discs.

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Does 2142 have the same requirements as BF2? 'Cause my little ol' laptop can run BF2.

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You do make a convincing point. Did try playing it again right after the release of Battlefield 3 and it got old pretty quickly... Titan mode still rules though

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Played it again right after Battlefield Heroes became Pay2Win, and before Bad Company 2 came along. Titan Mode is still a very unique game mode and I always loved the weapons and gadgets.

I dunno, maybe...

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Ahhh my first ever experience of Battlefield and online play. It just blew me away. I still remember my first win as commander! Also Titan mode it the greatest battlefield mode ever. My old pc died and now I have a mac. Shame. Really hope they make a sequel.

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@Jackel2072 said:

@G0rd0nFr33m4n: so i have a retail disc of 2142. can i type in the cd key and redeem it on Origin? because that would make life easier

I had to chat with a techy from EA to get my 2142 linked to origin, but it took about 10 minutes so it wasn't a huge issue to say the least.

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