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Meant to be a mobile version of the Battlefield experience, this multiplayer-only FPS for iOS devices launched in early February 2012 for free on the App Store, and was ad-supported by the movie Act of Valor. It was quickly overwhelmed with negative reviews from those who downloaded it, with problems like connectivity issues & unusable controls. On February 22nd 2012, only 2 weeks after it launched, EA pulled the game from the App Store and released the following statement:

"EA Mobile is committed to delivering mobile entertainment experiences that are on par with the content and quality users have come to expect from their favorite EA gaming brands. To this end, we have decided to remove Battlefield 3: Aftershock from the App Store and are currently re-evaluating the app in response to the consumer feedback we've received. We thank all the fans who have downloaded the game to date."

The following week, on March 1st, EA issued a statement saying the game would be permanently shelved:

In the interest of bringing consumers only the highest level of quality mobile entertainment, EA Mobile has decided to suspend development and support of Battlefield 3: Aftershock and refocus its resources on other titles. The Aftershock servers will be live through March 31st, 2012, and customers who have already downloaded the game can continue to play until then.

Due to there being no single player portion of the game, the game was completely unplayable after the servers were shut down.

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