any help with bf3 pc controls

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yeah id just like to know some good suggestions for key bindings like prone and crouch. what works best. Im new to the pc i love battlefield but up until now ive never had a good gaming pc.

im great with any game controller except mouse and keyboard. and i know you can plug in a gamepad except the problem with that is that i do know my aims off because theirs no aim assist. its just the prone and crouch buttons feel so awkward in the default setup and i would like to know if theres anything that would work better??

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I changed default "Switch the fire mode" button from V to C, just because V is a button I use for Mumble. But all the other controls are pretty much standard for a modern PC shooter. I think that Z to prone seems a little weird, but that's how it was back in BF2. I use my thumb to press it.

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I liked binding crouch to f and prone to q

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Crouch toggle and Prone take some getting used to, but that's just what I'm intent on doing.

The essential crux of PC gaming are hotkeys. Getting comfortable with using them. By playing WoW my library of convenient hotkeys (via mutators) has expanded to somewhere between 30-40 over the years. It will not take you too long to master Q, V, T, X and Y and 1-6 or whatever.

Muscle memory.

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Prone to LControl, toggle crouch to C

#6 Posted by Tasus (545 posts) -

Prone to Control, crouch to Shift.

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Crouching on Shift (no toggle) is the best for me. Prone on Ctrl.

#8 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

@Flaime: ...but how do you run?

#9 Posted by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

I never noticed how horrible the Z key is to find mid-game. I'm sure I used to be fine with it.

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1- Knife, 2- Pistol, 3- Primary, 4- meds/ammo/rpg 5-defibs/repair tool/other
 toggle crouch- left ctrl, prone- Z, change firing mode- X, commo rose- Q, grenade- mouse wheel, reload- R, pick up kit from the gound- G, knife slash- F, map- M, map zoom- N
The whole leftcontrol-Shift-Z-X-C-leftAlt area will need some getting used to, but you'll get there

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I ended up just moving them over one, so prone = x and crouch = c. I also changed the primary weapon to 2 like it was in BC2.

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@Extreme_Popcorn: Either ALT or a mouse button

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Moved prone and crouch over one to C and X, felt more natural.

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Crouch = Shift

Sprint = Ctrl

Prone = Z

Once we can bind keys to the mouse I'll prob map knife to the middle mouse button, for now it's the deafault (F).

Grenades will most likely be mapped to the thumb button on mouse. (Might go with binding T to thumb for tacital light/laser, not sure yet, gotta wait till we can map everything and try it out)

I use the Logitech G13 gamepad so the rest wouldn't make any sense.

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@XII_Sniper: Madness!

#16 Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro (954 posts) -

@Extreme_Popcorn said:

Prone to LControl, toggle crouch to C

^ This.

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Personaly I'm about to try this: For me crouch and prone are highly important for evading fire, and it's more difficult to bring your fingers down rather than press a key above WASD. So what i do is I bind keys based off importance. Most important keys lye close to WASD and other's that are further apart such as spot, and interact are maybe 2 keys away from WASD cause you're not going to use them as frequently. So what I'm about to try is to bind Crouch=E bind Prone=R bond Interact=F bind Reload=Scroll down on mouse wheel bind Knife=Scroll up on mouse wheel and maybe bind Grenade throw to mouse wheel click, I'm not really sure about grenade throw yet. Hope I helped!

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