Anyone up for playing on Labor Day? (PS3)

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I plan to rent a server(This time it'll work) for anyone that wants to play some BF3 tomorrow. I don't know what all of the rules will be just yet but so far It'll be: 

  • Default Maps only(Not everyone here has the current DLC)
  • It'll have a password so randoms won't fill up the server
That's all for right now. I plan to add more details on how this will go and what to search for.  
So anyone game for tomorrow?
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I'll be down for some games.

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Hey folks(and possibly lurkers) I just created a server for PS3 Battlefield server for today.

Just search for "Giantbomb" when you're browsing servers.

The password to the server is

Tricky (May or may not be case sensitive)

Let's go have fun,y'all!

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