Armored Kill's Assignments, Achievements and Trophies

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Dice's official battlefield blog has released some details on the expansion pack Armored Kill. All I can say is I am pretty excited for this expansion and the mobile artillery should be interesting to say the least. Battlefield Blog

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Oh man this gunship is going to be insane, wonder if its just 2 people in it or more.

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Gunship is two gunners and acts as a spawn point.

I wonder if that is all the unlocks for the tank destroyer and mobile artillery vehicle types. Seems a bit low if so. I hope they share unlocks from the vanilla vehicle types.

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Can't wait for quads again. Missed those from Bad Company 2. I'm still wondering why a map pack has to cost $15.

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It'll be good to get back to Battlefield and with a map pack that actually get used! Close Quarters was pretty much never used outside of the very few official servers EA left running in Asia-Pacific... which were always empty.

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I wonder if this is something I can jump into after only spending a few hours with BF3 at launch? I'm NOT good at that game.

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@MB: My advice to people having trouble with the learning curve on an FPS is to start by following team members around and doing as they do. Let more experienced players take the lead in a battle and show you how it's done. You will still get kills because even great players need support, and you won't have to deal with lone wolf situations (which are the most difficult part of any FPS imo). Also, BF3 is a game that really encourages team play with its class system, so you won't be useless by any means.

So yes! Jump in and have a blast! Virtually!

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I wonder if I can get that Maverick tag - I've been out of the jet game for too long. I'm sure everyone else is pro at jets by now.

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@Mageknight said:

I wonder if I can get that Maverick tag - I've been out of the jet game for too long. I'm sure everyone else is pro at jets by now.

Very few are true ace pilots. Most are average to decent. There's millions of BF3 players out there, most of them not dedicated BF3 players. If you're halfway knowing what you're doing, you'll be fine and have lots of fun.

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@MB: I think you might run into some trouble because premium subscribers are usually some hardcore battlefield players but I think you would be fine if you stick with a squad and work together.

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Tip with Armored Kill's Mobile Artillery: Use the big map at the widest zoom. You will see the impacts of the artillery rockets as white splashes on the big map. With practice you will be become more accurate with your firing angles.

Hopefully that will make getting those mobile artillery kills easier.

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