Battlefield 3 Crashing When Changing Graphics

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I just installed BF 3 on my new rig and for some reason the game crashes every time I press video in the options menu. I'm not sure what the problem is because it looks like the game defaults to a high-medium to high settings and everything looks and runs great at 50~60 fps but it would be nice to look at/tweak some graphics options but I can't because the game locks up.

My PC:

Win 7 64 bit

CPU: i5-2320 3.0GHz GPU: GTX 555 1 Gig

RAM: 8 gigs

I tried updating my video drivers but the recent Nvidia driver fucked everything up and makes all my other games run like at like 5 frames so I just reverted back to the older driver that I had before. I can run Witcher 2, Diablo 3 just fine, BF 3 is the only one so far with issues. I would appreciate any tips on solving the issue, thanks.

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try to repair it from origin in case some files are corrupt. install a older version of the Nvidia driver if u haven't already and see if that helps. only disable the CPU gpu, it didnt even launch for even until i disabled it for some weird reason.

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@NotAfro:  If you can't fix it for whatever reason, you can use BF3 Settings Editor  to change the options outside of the game.
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@xdaknightx69: I already tried reinstalling and I don't know what you mean by disabling CPU gpu.

@Infininja: Thanks, I'll use this in the meantime.

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@NotAfro: the GPU on the processor , the setting for it should be in the BIOS. look for iGPU

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