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Hello ! I would like to start of by bringing up on why I started this forum, the reason is because I personally love BF3 and so I spend allot of time on YouTube watching BF3 video's. Ranging from Montages to Funny videos and Game guides. Now I believe there is allot more and better ways you can make video's for BF3, like well directed movies because there is so much atmosphere of WAR !!

The Bottom line of this forum is to post specific YouTube video's you like only based on BF3 and give your opinion on why you liked the video.

I have a YouTube Channel which I happen to make gaming video's....... I have a battlefield 3 The video's that is based on two operations (The British Army) and (The American Army) it's dedicated to those who fought and are still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am leaving to join the army this December having already been in a military college. I have many British and American army friends that helped make this video and play on our military sever. Feel to add my Gamer Tag: Nitro Luke DX and to check out my YouTube Channel Here is the video check it out !!!

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Uh... just go watch one of the TNT's for BF3 on Justin.TV. You'll love it. A lot.

And why not just play the game?

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@believer258: Well I assume (depending on the guys age) that he is interested in machinima and recalling a lot of the past crazy BF2 videos, he enjoyed/will enjoy those too! (for example the gazillion videos plane swap vids - classic !)

Playing the game is a good option too ;)

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