Battlefield 3 will "absolutely blow everyone away"

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 What the PC version is going to be, Battlefield 3, I think it's going to absolutely blow everyone away, but I can't tell you what it is, but it will blow people away.

Just thought this was an interesting quote from a former DICE employee. 
What's the only thing better than BFBC2? BF3 of course! 
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So that's kind of a premature announcement, isn't it? I mean Christ, I'm still all amped up about BC2.......

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I think I'll wait for game footage first.

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Every time I've been told I will be blown away, I am not. But look forward to battlefield 3 regardless :)

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I don't need to hear this to know that BF3 will probably be awesome.

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It has to be.
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BF3 will be better than BC2. I mean, I like BC and all, but what real fans want is the true sequel.

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The only time in my life I have ever been "Blown Away" by a game was the first time I played Super Mario 64, true 3D, it was pretty amazing to see for the first time.
And Playing Half Life 2 and having the Physics work like they do in RL, that was pretty fucking cool to, I just messed around with bottles and crates for a couple of hours.

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@Cube: I had 1000x more fun and still to this day have more fun with BC1942 than anything after that, I hope the BF3 will be the end all be all BF game, but somehow I just don't see them ever recapturing that magic.
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@Evilsbane: That doesn't take away from what I said. Most people do want a true sequel to BF2, whether you think they're going to recapture the magic is irrelevant.
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BF3... I think it will be like APB, where you get 50 hours free and then you will have to pay monthly to continue playing. 
Remember folks, this is EA now. The name DICE is just used to remind you of the past. You know the commercials on TV: "Made by the director of Terminator 2 and Terminator 1" ... etc. You start thinking "Oh shit, I liked T1 and T2, thus the upcoming release will be just as good."  It's marketing trickery.
EA will find a way to nickle and dime buyers of BF3.
I have high doubts BF3 will build off of BF2 in a positive way. They will try to include many micro-transactions into the game. You can see the path they are taking. Look at BF:Heroes and BF:BC2.   
They want you to get into the flow of accepting mini-purchases for stupid things that were free. They are free, but why not make you pay for it anyway. It's the new business methods. They are expecting the consumer to be stupid and follow horde mentality in certain ways; additionally they anticipate the consumer to "pull the trigger" on purchases via digital impulse buying. In the past you could think and consider the purchase because you went physically to the store. Now it's so easy, a couple clicks and you've bought it. There's no going back, no returns.
Impulse buying is like a high for some people and a sickness for others, it's a mental state where the buyer is most vulnerable to surrender money without actually wanting to.
It's terrible how they take advantage of people like that.

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sorry, been waiting a while for BF3, hope those Swedes don't fuck it up 
And sorry, didnt realize the poster above me just necroposted

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I'm up to like four friends who have friends who work at DICE atm.. I seriously need to exploit my friends. BF3 is going to be rad.

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i hope its not like bc2. two battle field games being way too similar wouldnt be a good idea.

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"not like Modern Warfare 2 PC"
So if it isn't modern...can it be futuristic? Battlefield 3: In Space

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Does it have perks? if so... IDC

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So 512 player multiplayer confirmed? ;)

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before or after moh "blows me away" Ea is turning into activison instead of music rhythm games its fps

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@CaptainObvious said:
Rigged with explosives so it can BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND!
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If battlefield 3 is multiplatform, I will be pissed...

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@nick69 said:
" If battlefield 3 is multiplatform, I will be pissed... "
Battlefield 3 is multiplatform
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@Diamond said:
" @nick69 said:
" If battlefield 3 is multiplatform, I will be pissed... "
Battlefield 3 is multiplatform "
well shit
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@nick69: Anyone that has put time into MAG knows big games like BF are absolutely down for PS3.

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