BF 3 Double XP

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If you didn't already know, Between 2nd July and 7th July, it's a Double XP Event on BF3 for Premium members. It shows as additional points at the end of the round.

To put it in to perspective, it's not double xp. It's a percentage or something. Don't know how they work it out but I was on Ziba Tower last night. Total score for round was 5,000 somthing. Additional points was 1,200.

Now, I'm not great at mathematics but even I can see that something doesn't add up.

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The base score you get is doubled, the game then adds a x2 multiplier of your after-game awards as the additional score.

So if you got 2500 during the match and 6 ribbons worth 200 points each after, the base score is doubled to 5000 and the additional points you get - known as the 2x Multiplier Period - is (6x200) 1200.

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So....only premium members? Bummer....

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normal players get it for only half the week or so

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I think it's 2-4th for normal players and 2-7th for Premium.

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all i say is NOPE

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I do enjoy the double XP events. Since I got BF3 Premium roughly 2 weeks ago, I gained more than 10 lvls - kinda makes me wanna strife for Colonel 100. I think I might hit that by the time the Endgame DLC drops sometime next Spring.

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I love this premium bullshit. Pay 60$ for our broken game, and pay another 60$ and we'll lick your balls.

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Double XP is crazy effective. Just can't stop playing. And by how populated the servers are, guess I'm not the only one getting hooked back in. Made like 20 Colonel levels since I picked up Premium, much of which is due to Double XP events and CQC's high pacing. Actually starting to have fun playing slow paced B2K matches again.

Definitely a smart move coming out with CQC as the first DLC for Premium, as well as having those lengthy Double XP events. Get hooked on the dopamin effect, stay for the Big Boy Battlefield. When Premium is all revved up, BF3 is going to be 28 maps strong. 100 guns. Countless vehicles. Gamemodes. God knows what.

And fllippin' BF3 is my least favorite Battlefield game to date. Love the treatment we fans are getting though, that's the post launch content support I expect. Finally the giving is good. Guess I might break the 1000 hours playtime mark regardless of my many dislikes, and I already thought BF3 was dead in the water with the 250 hours I spent on it, before I left off in December '11. Thankfully not. BF3 is back baby, with a vengance!

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