BF3 Scavenger Mode

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Fight for survival in the new Scavenger mode

Inspired by the earthquake theme and setting, the new Scavenger mode is a frantic hunt for survival. A new concept to Battlefield, lost soldiers start equipped with only a knife, one grenade, and sidearm and must search the environment for more powerful weapons to increase their chance at surviving and eventually winning.

In Scavenger mode, weapons spawn in predetermined locations all over the map, so it pays to learn the map to stand a fighting chance. The particular weapons spawning at these points however have an element of randomness to them, so in order to survive a Scavenger round you will have to explore as much of the map as possible. Sticking together as a team means you might be able to keep enemies from claiming these few and valuable weapons that can turn the tide of a round.

This is not your ordinary Battlefield map. Can you find the hardware you need to survive in Scavenger mode in this post-earthquake setting? Click for full size.

Sounds flippin' amazing. Loved the pistol rounds in Gun Master, so starting into regular Conquest with just a pistol sounds perfect to me. Will likely be my infantry-only mode of choice. Hopefully admins will bunch this up with CQC maps - that'll make for a great Infantry Combat experience.

Now where's that crossbow?

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Sounds to me like it's nothing more than TDM out of Quake/Unreal Tournament with a fancy name.
Not enough to bring me back to the game.

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Glad its a new take on the game mode. I was underwhelmed with Tank Superiority, this one looks way better. It will have to be class-less like Close Quarters though, right? Otherwise you'd have everyone coming in as assault resuppliers. Also, I'm glad the weapon drops will be random, otherwise you'd have everyone rushing to the same spot every time.

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Very interesting. Despite the way Multiplayer FPS' have changed to unlocks and custom loadouts the old-school gun pickups make for some great tactical play.

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