Can you use a headset while your 5.1 surround is playing?

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Hey duders,

Extremely stupid question here... So I just bought the premium service for BF3 on PC last night and figured I'd start playing the game again.. Stupid Vinny talking about BF3 being fun..

I bought a pretty basic Logitech headset to use with Google voice but I figure I might as well use it for games too.

However, I have one of those Logitech surround sound systems so I don't know if people will be able to understand me through my headset while I have the game volume playing over surround sound instead of through my headset also. That seemed like a long sentence, I dunno.

Is this an answerable question? Don't know that either. Do you guys use a headset while playing your game audio via surround sound? What do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad months of work.

Thanks duders!

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I'd err on the side of caution and not use a headset while sound is playing through your speakers. It's going to be very annoying to other players to hear your voice mixed in with game audio. I'd just use your speakers and keep the headset off. Voice chat isn't very important in a game like BF3 unless you're playing with an organized team. If you're just playing with randoms, then you aren't going to get much done using a headset.

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yeah , in general , the mic picks up your speaker audio LOUD AS ALL HELL .. so id avoid it , programs like teamspeak and mumble have audio ducking , so that when you use push to talk etc.. it lowers all other volumes to avoid that issue. still isnt perfect tho. but yeah ..i feel your pain.

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@clstirens said:

@captain_felafel: There is no voice chat in bf3 pc :(

No wonder I never have to mute anyone... this explains a lot, really. :P

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