Can't play BF3 campaign after patch

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downloaded the BF3 patch a couple of nights ago. Played MP, that's fine but, wanted to finish the campaign and when I boot it up it tells me that the connection to EA Online was lost and it boots me out. Anyone else got this. I am playing on the 360 by the way. Thanks.


#2 Posted by themangalist (1853 posts) -

Oh they finally patched that boring ass campaign...

... by directing you to just play multiplayer.

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I don't think that has anything to do with the patch, everyone seems to be frequently losing connection to EA Online. It kept happening to me when I was playing co-op.

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You're not missing out dude, just play more MP.

#5 Posted by chilibean_3 (1807 posts) -

Lucky you. Aw, that was uncalled for.

#6 Posted by NovaDTH (194 posts) -

That's probably for the best

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he still needs a connection to EA in order to play MP problem unsolved... Anyway, losing connection to EA happens quite frequently tbh

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go offline and see if that helps, i can play it offline on the PC just fine without going to battlelog

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Same happening to me, tried to play offline and still got it. Had to start a new one.

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Yeah, I've been having this problem as well. I don't really see why I need a connection to EA for singleplayer in the first place.... Oh well, it's not like I cared about the story, I'm just sad I can't get the achievements.

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Same here on PC. Crashes in the same place every time. Thanks, EA!

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I'm having the EA connection issue on Campaign on the 360 too, The connection with EA Online was lost. MP is working fine, but I bought the game so I could play SP and MP.

I've also had issues with the loading screen after dying, would just get the black load screen with the flashing cursor and that key people in the squad wouldn't move or open doors when needed eg the roof top where they all just sat there, but removing all the game data and starting again fixed that issue.

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So what is going on with this I can't finish the singleplayer now because of this stupid EA shit. Tried while disconnected as well and I still can't play it. This is pretty bullshit for a console game.

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Best. Patch. Yet.

Seriously though, I haven't tried playing the campaign for awhile, nor have I heard of a fix. Have you tried resetting your cache and playing offline?

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