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I'm not trying to step on anyone's dick here, because I see the work AhmadMetallic has already put in to organizing the GB Community servers. But I don't see any of them on the server browser yet.

So I started one. It's up NOW. All 32-player Conquest at the moment, but I may expand player counts and modes based on usage and feedback. Right now the server is titled "JackColt's GiantBomb Community BF3"

See you out there, wizards.

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@JackColt: Thanks for the offer :) 
Our US server will be up in a few hours, the UK server by the end of the month, both 64 slots, but until they're up, I'll post the info of your server in the mass bf3 PM so some of the people will get on it and play!
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No worries... Look forward to playing on the US server once it's up! :)

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@Mu5hy: And we're waiting for you to come play.

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@mfpantst: and I'm waiting until there is more than 4 people in there before I join.

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