CPU usage related Mouse and Keyboard latency

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It seems that when CPU usage hits 100% the inputs from kb and mouse don't fail gracefully, at least with BF3. This has only been happening to be with a new mouse (logitech g9x) and only 'lately' with just battlefield 3, I've tried everything like lowing the polling rate of the new mouse to 125 (lowest you can go... it's very low), setting the game back down to everything low/off including resolution, and while all of those things help cpu usage for some reason I still get just as bad mouse/keyboard latency. What the latency feels like is like my inputs are on ice, they 'slip' when I use them like a tire on ice when it spins too fast. For one reason or another I could run the game at High before with zero issues, silky smooth inputs and while my framerate wasn't exactly 60 all the way it was playable almost all the time.

What fucking causes this, what can I fucking do about this, the internet has almost zero answers that I can find with google and this makes me very upset. Issues with my PC that 'just happen' always upset me because they are rare and usually end up un-treatable.

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Is your computer getting too hot.

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You don't have another peripheral plugged in do you? When I connect my joystick and try to use the mouse, the input stutters.

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Plug it in a different USB slot. Very low chance of fixing the problem, but it could be an issue with that USB slot. I've seen it before.

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@Dagbiker: Not that I'm aware of, it's not hot today and all my PC parts aren't exactly outstretching the fans I have in the case. I don't overclock or work my machine significantly hard. basically if it were to overheat it would be most likely after a few days of running a game none stop, which hasn't been the case. Also the issues would persist beyond BF3 I'd imagine if I had an overheating issue.

@Mikemcn: I have a 360pad plugged in, but it's been plugged in for a year now and these issues have only started yesterday. Before then I was playing bf3 very fine and can even switch using the pad or mouse/keyboard at will perfectly fine. Only issue with the 360 pad is the half assed support from bf3 itself.

@Pinworm45: Good advice, though I'd already done that. At first I plugged the mouse into my keyboard cause I was lazy and just wanted it to work. had the issues, so plugged it into the back into a propper port and installed it's official logitech drivers, issue continues to happen.

So I tried using my older mouse and it seems not only does it use less cpu but the issue pretty much goes away, all things are pointing to the fact that it puts just that Nth amount of extra toll on my CPU which is 'just' enough to cause the latency of input. This is a super shame, as I thought at least turning the polling rate of the new mouse would negate the higher cpu usage (it's a factor of maybe 1% more cpu usage) but while it does lower the usage it still causes issues. I have a feeling there is really nothing that can be done, and these are the reasons why PC gaming is a pain in the ass sometimes.

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