Dice and EA devs getting killed in their own game by hackers. FIX

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This post is not meant to support hacking in any way, just expose what it is exactly for those that don't know.

Some of you may have seen this already. I kind of hope more people do, if it gets embarrassing enough for EA maybe they'll address this problem.

For those of you that don't know BF3 seems to make the client authoritative on certain critical parts of packet data much more so than other games do. This means that its far more vulnerable to hacking than a lot of FPSes are. Usually there is server side authority on data like bullet damage, or other hard values that are easy to check mathematically.

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What an obnoxious little brat.

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Why would anyone play a game and cheat like that? I just don't get it, where is the fun?

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@Vanek said:

Why would anyone play a game and cheat like that? I just don't get it, where is the fun?

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I hate everything with that video and the comments.

There are no redeeming factors, burn it with fire.

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The amount of punkbuster kicks in games I play gets ridiculous. I was on one server and I would say 5-6 people were kicked during one round. I counted 6 kicks yesterday on the GB US server, pretty much all aim bot related.

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So FPS games on PC, y'all. 

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I really hope they go to war with these shi*tbags. This is my go to multiplayer game and have always enjoyed the series. I've always thought one of the only things saving it from hacker hell was its less than popularity as opposed to MW. EA's constant server issues don't make me to assured that they can tackle a series threat.

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Of course he has it set so he controls what comments appear. Something tells me mine won't make it the cut haha

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Wow this is pretty dumb. I remember playing call of duty 1 on pc back in the day and there were so many hackers. Turned me off from pc shooters and I haven't went back since.

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His comments are basically FPS Xbox Live chat in a nutshell. Fucking hilarious.

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I hope they can find a way to break that hack, although I think a similar looking thing existed for BC2 as well. At least something that had the boxes to show locations. How can you even get enjoyment out of the game playing like that?

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Sickening. In a bad way. The shitty dubstep makes that video ten times worse. Hope EA and DICE can find a way to crackdown on that crap.

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  naw , he just seems like one of those crazy fps's guys who can auto aim for the head and knife dudes.
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You would think they would notice...

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@rebgav said:

At least those hacks should be easy to detect given that they require an external program interacting with the client. Black Ops on PC was rife with the same sort of hacks which seemed to come and go in waves, presumably they were being patched out and then reworked.

That's exactly the problem. They SHOULD be but aren't. Which means there is likely a deep problem with some of the server side code that needs to be addressed.

When some one is doing damage beyond a certain range of values it should be extremely easy to detect but they're apparently not checking that stuff.

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the only thing i hate more than hacker videos is hacker videos with terrible techno music.

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For every hacker/cheater that posts youtube crap...Baby Jesus punches a baby or kills a cat out of frustration...nuff said..

I miss the old days of FPS gaming on PC (Quake2 - Quake3 and so on) that just the thought of how bad hacking/cheating has gotten since then. Makes me glad I usually just stick to console versions and let the whiny bitches cry cause no one wants to play PC version due to this kinda bullshit. Oh, while many will say X360/PS3 has 13yr old fucktards that get annoying...much rather mute them 13yr old fucktards then dealing with this kinda play style cause YES hackers/cheaters DON'T know how to play video games...sad sad truth I know.

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I hate everything about that video.

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What. Yep, due to this video PC gaming is rife with hackers in every server in every game. That's about as dumb as me saying all those CoD kids with "hacks" mean that every console game is filled with people hacking.

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Hackers and cheaters are already a bad thing, but when they're also complete jackasses like this guy, it's a whole other thing.

Reading his comments just makes me want to punch him in his stupid face.

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@rebgav: No no. I don't think you're understanding. Server side verification of data is normal. Completely normal. The fact that a hack can change damage values of weapons means that this sort of thing isn't happening in BF3. Aim hacks and stuff are different those can be done locally with out transmitting info to the server that is necessarily suspicious. However sending the server info that you've killed some one with your knife (which has a known range) from a known location while they were at another known location is something that should already be an immediate red flag and not work.

It is totally realistic if not expect that BF3 does this already. Which is doesn't seem to.

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I would like to snap that kid in half.

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@k4el: It's strange. I feel like I've played a lot of this game now. Over 80hrs now. But I haven't really had a problem with hackers. I either don't notice them or they aren't in the servers I'm in.

Like many of you, I don't really understand the appeal of cheating. Especially the aimbots. Where's the satisfaction of standing in one spot and twirling around shooting everyone in the face? I could see getting some enjoyment out of stalking people with the wall hack but meh. I think the real appeal for these guys is posting videos on the internet and seeing people rage.

This is just another argument for us to play in the GB / Tested servers with admins we know and can ask to kick people. :D

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i wanted to watch. but that music is so horrendous.

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Playing with aimbot, wall hack and all that shit is really lame. And being proud about it on the internet is just pathetic.

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This is why I play on the inferior console version. I don't ever see this shit.

It's also the reason I quit playing BF2. Hackers make the game not worth playing.

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The MAV is basically wall hacks already. I don't see what's the problem with this./ Joke

Yeah, idiots will be idiots and hopefully they'll be banned. If EA can ban a guy from not cursing on their forums, they should be able to do this.

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