Duder in need of post patch Stinger/IGLA tips. Who's got em?

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Having a ridiculously difficult time getting a lock with people running ecm jammer and ir smoke and as such, they stay aloft for the entire game raping my team, need help. Any advice? Any tips for using dumbfire rockets like the SMAW or RPG to take down air?

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Lol what?

Point and shoot? There is no skill to lock on weapons, and so there are no tips... One I guess, good pilots will use under radar to thier advantage, so get good with the Smaw or RPG 7.
#3 Posted by sandweed (146 posts) -

The trick with the RPG and SMAW is that you probably need to lead more than you think. Stingers are useless now, except as a area of denial tool. If you just keep your lock, and never fire you can keep a chopper away from a point long enough for your dudes to capture it. If you fire it a good chopper gunner will flare and also know where you are.

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I had no luck bringing down jets lately, but for choppers, wait till they get close. Make the pilot think that there are no stinger threats. It's taking me more than a few rockets to bring 1 bird down, but it's definitely doable.

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The best way to take out air is SOFLAM + Javelin now. Yeah, it takes two people, but you can easily double the nerfed range of Stingers. That doesn't help against under rader, of course, but it'll do against people who don't run it or are not that great of pilots.


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