EA NZ Limited Edition Mess

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EA Sold Limited Edition Copies in New Zealand and a load of them only had Normal Version of the game Codes. Expansion and update out and I am one of the people stuck not able to play the new maps etc because of this.

EA say to email or contact them with load of photo proof stuff. I like others have done the email, tried live chat, their tiwtter, facebook and people are either only getting offered a discount of the expansion or just totally ignored.

I was in the chat queue for 3 hours and gave up, tried again when it was 50 minutes, got to speak to someone who then terminated the chat before even saying anything. I gave a number to call, their site said they would call between 5 and 11 minutes - Never happened. Email still not replied to and ignored through every other means.

Pretty god dam appalling. I am not alone either.

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Yep, that sounds about right for EA support these days.

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Happened to me.

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