ExV's Search For British Players

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Welcome to ExV, We are a clan that places teamwork, communication, and dedication to objectives above individual success. We work as a team first, squad second, and never independent of one another. We pride ourselves by respecting members of the battlefield community.

We are a clan made up of members from the US, Canada and UK. We are a casual gaming clan that enjoys the hell out of BF3. Mature acting players that pride them selves with communication and teamwork are welcome to join.

Our server is "ExV'S Fun House"

Here Is A Link To Our Platoon Page:


These Are Our Rules As Follows:

~ Must be at least 18 or very mature if not.

~ Must be rank Col 10 / rank 55 or above.

~ Must have a positive K/D of 1.0 or better.

~ Must have a mic, communication is essential to functioning as an efficient clan.

~ Must be active on Battlelog, and in the game.

~ You MUST wear our tag , we do not enjoy clan hoppers or roster whores.

~ Respect the founder, leaders and members, as well as our opponents on and off the battlefield.

~ No bad mouthing, spamming or harassment of members or opponents.

~ No glitching, cheating (fair game-play only).

~ No racial or religious remarks.

**Violation of the rules is grounds for dismissal from the clan without notice**

We are a drama free clan period, good teamwork has no space for petty fights.

Please join our community and start having fun.


Exiled Vengeance

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