Fan Newsfeed - All of DICE's Twitter & Forum 'Bue Posts'

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Keep track of Demize99 & the gang...

Some BF fan and code monkey extraordinaire (thank you bear-y much dudebro), brought us the DICE Developer Newsfeed, automatically updating with Twitter messages and official EA UK Battlefield forum posts made by DICE staff. It's already 4 pages strong and informative and entertaining. It's almost like a DICE reality show. Sweden is so cold and their women are so blond and pretty.
Anyways - here you go guys. Read up Demize99's latest forum antics (he loves to troll). Awesomesauce!
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'Bue Post' = 'Blue Post'

#3 Posted by Jayross (2365 posts) -

This is great.

My favorite so far: Tim Kjell wrote:
"Oh man, that's some good OJ, but it could do with some Goose."

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"A trained flying hobo? I want one." 

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 I don't think I'm quite THAT excited for BF3.

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i love DICE

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