Favorite BF3 Launch Map

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My favorite BF3 launch map is clearly Seine Crossing. It captures metropolitan Paris perfectly. It's highly destructible and full of flanking routes. It's the perfect urban Conquest map. Might turn out to be my favorite BF map to date. I might like Grand Bazaar even better, I just never got to play it - though I doubt it can beat the Paris flair.

I pretty much set up the poll to reflect my likes after one unhealthy BF3 session. Top maps on top and bottom feeder maps at the bottom. Operation Métro CQ 64 just made me lose all respect for that map.

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Anything but operation metro. They really did choose the worst map for the beta. 64 man conquest on operation metro was the worst experience I've had with the game so far.

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Kharg Island. Fantastic for both rush and conquest. Great map.

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I like Firestorm & Kharg. I would have liked the maps to have variety and by that I mean an open map like Firestorm with a small town in the middle like metro. I'm not a fan of a map being EITHER small with tight corners OR vast and open. The bigger maps seem big enough for both. Still most of the maps are enjoyable. Not a fan of the tunnel one at all tho.

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