GB PS3 Platoons

#1 Posted by JesterPC238 (345 posts) -

So I stopped playing Battlefield 3 because of the voice chat junk, but the new maps and premium have gotten me back into it (the VOIP stuff seems to be fixed too). Anyway, my old platoon appears to have splintered, so I figured I'd see if any duders were playing together. If there are any PS3 community platoons out there let me know! If not I'd be happy to make one. Post here if interested.

#2 Posted by EvGar (133 posts) -

I literally just purchased the game for PS3, so I too am wondering what the Giant Bomb PS3 group is up too. Count me in, I guess!

#3 Posted by JesterPC238 (345 posts) -

My PSN is the same as my GB name, feel free to add me! If we can get a large enough group I'd probably be willing to spring for a server. At the very least we could run some community events here and there, I think you can get a server for a couple bucks for just an evening.

#4 Posted by WMWA (1162 posts) -

I'm thinking about jumping back in as well...

Let's get this thread/group back alive.

#5 Posted by WMWA (1162 posts) -

Bah. Stupid mobile site

#6 Posted by MightyDuck (1524 posts) -

I too am thinking of jumping back in...although I don't have premium or the new dlc. My psn. Name is GetWhatYaGive

#7 Posted by JesterPC238 (345 posts) -

Sorry I haven't been in touch, shit's been crazy. Still interested in getting something going. It's easiest to reach me via my PSN handle, which is the same as my GB username.

#8 Posted by SuicidalSnowman (396 posts) -

I'll add some here. I play on most Saturday and Sunday mornings, 7am-11am EST and occassionally other times. I play whatever, sometimes with mic sometimes without. I am in the GB PS3 platoon, but there is only one other user I know that actively plays. My PSN name is RenegadeTrout.

#9 Posted by MightyDuck (1524 posts) -

I'm up to play pretty much whenever...until I go back to work at the end of August. Apparently kids still need to learn, go figure! Damn you summer vacation, why must you end!?

My psn name is GetWhatYaGive

#10 Posted by Shakezula84 (443 posts) -

My PSN is the same as my GB name. So if you see me playing it, I'm online.

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