GDC Multiplayer Presentation Photo Leaked

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A multiplayer presentation happend yesterday, it's just under embargo still. Anyways - some brave soul had mercy with us and dropped a photo in the interwebz, just to keep us all warm and cozy! A soldier and a tank in what seems to be a US metropolitan city. Sweet baby jesus! With no further ado...

 It's not much, but it's certainly something.  Nice 'going prone' animation there. Guess we won't be able to shoot while doing that. Dolphin Diving adieu!
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What a beautiful place to wage war in!

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Anybody recognize the city? Could be Paris. Looking at the old-schooly buildings and that pharmacy sign in the background. Don't remember many wide-open roads like this one though.

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It's a dude with his hand on the ground.

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That's some nice proning he's got going right there. 
Hoping for a before and after shot of that picture so one can see a more precise example of how urban areas will be affected by the battle.

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want, Want, WANT!!!

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@natetodamax said:
" It's a dude with his hand on the ground. "
watch out boys this ones sharp.
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Theres an  M1 Abrams behind with a .50cal on top. 
Gimme gimme gimme

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one handed pushups minigame confirmed

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Maybe he isn't going prone, MAYBE THE GROUND IS JUMPING.

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Its Hammer Time.

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Maybe he tripped over the awesome sound effects.

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The general lost his contacts again...

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He's trying to stand up again but his arms ain't manly enough!!!

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The more I see of this game, the more Call of Duty has to really prove itself and change this year. So excited for Battlefield.

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@mosdl said:
" one handed pushups minigame confirmed "
@ThatFrood said:
" Maybe he isn't going prone, MAYBE THE GROUND IS JUMPING. "
that would be destruction 7.4.. when you destruct the ground it ascends  
@PhatSeeJay said:
" He's trying to stand up again but his arms ain't manly enough!!! "
Exactly ! had he had chewbacca hair all over his arms, he would've jumped up like a rocket
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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer = Dance Central 2 Breakdancing Feature CONFIRMED.

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