Hazardous - A Battlefield 3 Montage by Cayin

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Hey guys! Back again with news about my upcoming montage that is in the works and near completion :)

Following the amount of feedback I got you guys here about the last video this one is shaping up to be 100 times better with things ranging from;

- Upping the recording res to 1080 and fps to 120

- More of the content that thrilled you with the first montage with extra attention to consistent level of action ( Tank v Air, Original use of explosives - with added rockets and a FEW sniper streaks *wink*)

- Less of the footage you didn't want ( Suicide jeeping, the infamous hipfire and Metro :P)

- Much more smoother editing that is more easier on the eyes and don't worry guys steering clear of the dreaded over-edit

- A few cinematic type scenes to get you involved ( It's no threatty, but it does the job )

- And of course it's shorter! By a good 5 minutes :P With what I believe through some trialling much more suitable music ( Don't worry no wub wub )

Hope you can drop by and view the Intro / Trailer I have up for the montage and look forward to your viewage when It's released!


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