Hmmm... Battlefield... Is it really worth your time?

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Battlefield has it's up, and like any other shooter, it's downs. Are these holes really worth digging out of? Or should we just find a new place to dig?

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Video games... are they worth our time?

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What is this, I don't even?

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Toast.. is it worth our time?

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Watches. Are they worth our time?

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Life, is it worth it...

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@AhmadMetallic said:



Whats so great about this video? You can do this in pretty much any shooter.

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I often have fun with it when I play it, so yeah.

The thing I find about the most fun multiplayer shooters is that there's always those times where you're really not having fun because of something. Battlefield has those dry moments where you're running around searching for guys or some fuckwad with a sniper rifle is killing you every time you turn around or, the worst, your team is full of idiots and you're pushed all the way back and can't move forwards.

But then, the great moments are very well worth it. I would describe them but that might cheapen their glory. Seriously, go watch the BF3 TNT and tell me that you don't think that some of those moments are stupendously magnificent.

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@zombie2011: The scale, map size, player count (33 people including cameraman and C4 detonator) and the graphics? 
Ok how about this :D 
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@Grambo: So was there even a point to this thread? Is that why you have not bothered to add anything to it?

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@AhmadMetallic said:
@zombie2011: The scale, map size, player count (33 people including cameraman and C4 detonator) and the graphics? 
Ok how about this :D 
You can do stuff like that in the old Battlefield games and probably better in them? Battle For Britain in BF1942 is way cooler than anything in BF3 because everybody was in planes other than people doing AA, including bombers that had tons of people doing different jobs.
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The gypsy's- do we need them?

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Red orchestra 2 is where it's at.

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@konig_kei said:
Red orchestra 2 is where it's at.
I love RO2. Too bad it only has like 10 servers from around the world left, 12 of which are filled with bots.
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Giantbomb is it worth your time?

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Magnets, how do they work?

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