How Would You Change BF3's HUD/UI

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I'd remove pretty much all HUD elements, especially all friendly player indicators, and rather replace them with 'blue silhouetting', for players in sight on center screen. And I'd add a button to momentarily active all friendly HUD indicators, as well as all kits on the ground in my vercinity. Kinda lika a 'highlight all loot' button in a loot piniata game, just adapted for Battlefield.

I believe there shouldn't be any default HUD being obtrusive on my center screen. My center screen is for seeing and aiming. Battlefield 3's HUD/UI can be very obtrusive, with many elements, like the Capture Point Markers and 'friendly blue triangles', taking up prime real estate in center screen - where I want nothing but my crosshairs. On PC, with 64 players, the friendly blue HUD indicators too can become a major inconvenience, since more often than not, friendly blue markers will overlap with hostile players - adding split-seconds to my reaction time, because of confusing contradictory visual feedback.

Watcha think? Do you agree that center screen should be freed from as much HUD as possible? Do you like the Blue Silhouetting solution? What would you want to happen to Battlefield's HUD/UI design?

P.S. Here's another suggestion. As for downed players, I'd love to see a countdown timer rather than just a downed symbol, it would help a lot for proper decision making. To do Triage and such. Weigh risk versus reward. In general, I'd love an increase in quality of information given, with a simultanious decrease of center screen clutter.

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Something needs to be done with the minimap. It's really hard to get a sense of scale when looking at it.

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@Jack268 said:

Something needs to be done with the minimap. It's really hard to get a sense of scale when looking at it.

Yeah - the minimap seems off to me too. It's got all kinds of dials to tune it to my wishes, but I'm never quite happy with the results.

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I've always thought the UI was kinda a first pass that wasn't ever changed, so many things scream exactly that.

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Make ammo HUD element smaller, but keep others as it is. I don't need a lot of a UI to shoot dudes.

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Remove all HUD elements and put them on your watch a la GoldenEye 007.

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As mentioned by other users most of the HUD problems lie in the minimap. There should be toggles for icon transparency and size; I mean they already have toggles for map topography and size itself so it shouldn't be too difficult for them to do.

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You mean like in Red Orchestra 2? Sure.

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I'm astonished how few seem to 'hate' obtrusive and unnecessary HUD elements, like the friendlies indicator and nametags and such. Silhouettes achieve the same thing, but better, without being obtrusive. Probably a bit more intrusive, but rather that than nothing at all, or having my line of sight obstructed and my reaction times delayed.

Nametags - major pet peeve of mine in FPS games. I don't care about names, I care about taking the shot.

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@Seppli said:

As for downed players, I'd love to see a countdown timer rather than just a downed symbol, it would help a lot for proper decision making. To do Triage and such. Weigh risk versus reward.


It would lessen the importance of situational awareness.

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@Nentisys: I agree; I'd say it's truer to life and makes gameplay a lot more dynamic in terms of player medics deciding whether or not to revive their buddies. Also, having countdown timers would only encourage those medics who revive immediately instead of clearing the vicinity before reviving and people hate that because it extends their respawn time when they die again.

@Seppli: There isn't a menu option to take out the names? I keep the names because there are times when I'm out to get someone, like if someone takes my weapon after killing me or takes my nametags. I usually get to pay them back in earnest that way!

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Remove the majority of it, no crosshairs, no minimap, no ammo-counter, names only over people you have direct visual contact with, objective markers and equipment markers should stay, spotting only shows like a general area unless you have direct visual contact with the spotted player...

Add a button to quickly pull look at the full map (like the map you see when pressing ESC) and make that the only way to get a complete overview of the map.

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I have no problems with it now, so nothing for me.

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  • Get rid of the glowing blue crap around the numbers. Go with slightly heavier type that lets you change the opacity.
  • In general move everything into a row along the bottom (or top ... what's the technical hurdle that keeps us from having customization options?) Right now there are elements everywhere when all you want is to find the one thing that's not labeled or glowing ... a bad guy.
  • Other decorative elements like the little "pulse" meter by your health percentage can go.
  • Label the flag symbols down by the maps for easier recognition.
  • Be able to toggle tooltips. I've played 150+ hours, don't need 'em.
  • Can't set a point (or it's at least difficult) when you're in its area of effect.
  • Move the "you are affecting this point" indicator so that it doesn't jump in front of your crosshairs and back as you move around
  • If there's no penalty for reloading a non-empty magazine (ie you lose the rounds still in the mag) don't bother with the 30x5 style indicator. Just give me total rounds. Extra information is clutter.
  • If we're counting sound as UI (I do) make the audio indicators not totally worthless. "A flag has been taken." Great. Which flag? "A sniper has been spotted in your area." Worthless information.
  • Agreed on the need to tone down name labels. I'm always being shot because there's a friendly 50 meters behind an unspotted bad guy and it takes a minute to sort it out.
  • The hit direction indicator never seems to work for me. About 40% of the time the killcam will contradict the direction of fire the UI gave me. (not that the game lets you react most of the time anyway)
  • The chat box was the worst. It's better now but I have to re-hide it every new round. I shouldn't have to.
  • Integrate the points received and who-killed-who messages into the chat box and let me filter what I see in there.
  • I'd support the counter on downed guys. In a real-world situation you'd be able to ascertain who needed help more in many cases. Hell, BF3 loves its animations so much, just make the guys closer to death flop around less. Doesn't really need UI at all.
  • The map stuff's been covered already but agreed that it badly needs an overhaul.

    Don't get me started on the weapon loadouts or menus. I wrote a blog post on this stuff way back when but it was before some fixes. Not sure how relevant any of that still is. I feel your pain Seppli, bad UI really takes away a lot from the game experience. I'm taking an extended break from BF3 until Armored Kill comes out.
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I want DICE to take a step back in their HUD design. BF3 ran way too far with aesthetics over practicality.

See how far DICE has come in the ability to display pertinent information to the player (BF2 is what I want them to go back to):

Open in a new tab or window so you can see the entire thing...

Awesome fan-made (or should I say ex-fan if you read the last few pages) HUD concept art thread I found on the now, sadly, defunct UK Battlefield 3 forums:

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@vonFlampanker said:

  • Move the "you are affecting this point" indicator so that it doesn't jump in front of your crosshairs and back as you move around

That is my number one issue. I've been killed on more than one occasion because that indicator is right smack dab in the center of my screen where it is blocking my sight of the guy shooting me. I wish it was just a progress bar in the corner or something that doesn't put itself in the worst possible spot on the screen.

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@Chtasm: I was going to just post a screenshot of Battlefield 2, but you illustrate the point a lot more clearer than that.


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Is there a reason your profile pic looks like Shrek's ass?

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@Seppli: I don't really have much of an opinion to change the UI - I haven't played it in a while - but I wanted to comment that I like your "countdown timer" idea for medical triage. It's so infuriating to run up to someone only to have them de-spawn, and then the domino effect ensues while you try to save everyone you can.

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The minimap is my only issue, it ought to be more detailed. Otherwise I have no problems with BF3's UI, works fine for what I need it to do.

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I have no problems with the UI.

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I've got to be crazy...

I played BF3 on xbox, and was able to see opposing teams tickets.

I jump into the PC version, and I can't see opposing teams tickets - only my teams.

Is this something to do with server settings? Or is there an option that I haven't enabled?

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Customization still takes way too long and is really cumbersome

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I've died many times because of hostiles being overlapped by friendly markers, yeah :(

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alter the scale of the all the icons on the minimap. It doesn't appear to scale properly across all resolutions and is more readable at higher resolutions.

Altering the way the minimap works instead of having it be dynamic based on the map's size (sometimes it's static, sometimes it follows you as you rotate) can make it difficult to coordinate with strangers because it's harder to remember where North is all the time, and it can make it difficult to tell people enemy is (compass direction). (The map is inconsistent and difficult to read until you maximize it, which chews up a good 1/4th to 1/2 of your screen)

The thing I miss most of all are dynamic waypoints. BF2 and 2142 and even Project Reality for a long time used a waypoint system. The Squad Leader could plonk a waypoint down all of the squadmates could see. It was way better than 3D spotting because the 3D WP goes away if the enemy is behind cover and on top of that, maybe the enemy isnt visible on your team's 2Dmap... but the WP is clear as day.

It was as close as possible as a video game has come to letting me lift my arm and say 'behind that box' without someone saying 'what box' since the waypoint is on top of the box I'm pointing at.

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