I just bought BF3 digitally on Amazon

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Hey, I just bought BF3 digitally on Amazon since I saw it was only $50.

I'm downloading it from amazon now and it is going to take quite a while... I hope this wasn't a mistake.400MB/10GB so far (it's only been 10min or so). As long as it finishes eventually I will be fine (it could be two days for all I care), but the problem is it is just a little tiny window on my screen showing my progress. What if my internet cuts out or anything, does it work like steam where I can stop and restart or do I have to start all over again?

Anyone have experience with digital downloads from Amazon?

Also... I really shouldn't of purchased this game because I don't like a number of things they have done with it. But this is one of the rare games that I have a decent amount of friends playing it on PC.

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@DG991: You can pretty much start and stop it whenever youd like. Ive downloaded I believe 2 or 3 games from there and I've never had a problem
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You really should just put your key into Origin and download from there. You'll have to activate it through Origin anyway and their downloader is faster than Amazon's.

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You can open your digital downloads page and copy/paste the game key into Origin if you want.

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Ah your right. I'm already 3 gb in so I might as well stick to it though. But now if Origins pulls some shit where I can't re download the client, at least good ol' amazon might have my back. I really wish this shit was released on steam....

@Unknown_Pleasures: Yea, but I don't pre order things often. I waited on the reviews, specifically the giantbomb review.

And besides I just talked myself into buying it today.

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Put the key that amazon gives you into origin. You'll need origin anyway so why not let it download through that?

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Why not title your thread "Just purchased from Amazon, does anyone know if I can pause the download?"

Why make it so ambiguous? Get to the point.

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anybody knows if I can buy the game from Amazon and plug the Cd-key into origin if I live in Europe??

would love to buy it off amazon for 50 bucks as the conversion would be nice for me and also, the digital retailers here are pretty ass.

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@Infininja: Because that wasn't my question. I was more interested in some opinions and experiences of digital downloads off of Amazon. Slow down and read my post. Maybe you will get the point.

@Havox: Thanks, I figure I will just let it finish downloading from Amazon though since I already started it on there. If I had known that before I would of done it that way.

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