Is Premium still worth it at this point? Which platform?

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Hey guys. I bought BF3 originally in 2011, but I could never really get past the whole Battlelog thing, and the game fell by the wayside (I gave up before Back to Karkand was released). Recently, I asked my friend to borrow his Xbox copy, and I've come to enjoy it (maybe I just have more time now that university is out). He later told me that I could keep it, as he's getting rid of his Xbox for whatever reason.

Anyhow, I've been interested in Premium for a while now, but I'm conflicted as to whether it's still worth it, given that we're 3 months or so from BF4. I'll have a decent bit of time to play, but will I get any enjoyment out of it since BF4 is fast-approaching?

Second, should I get it on PC or 360 (if it is worth it, that is)? My PC can run it, but I didn't really like the experience, as stated above. However, I do know that it has a higher player count on maps. I have had a bit more fun on 360 though.

What do you guys think?

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