Is the DLC worth it?

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All the DLC is half off this week on Xbox Live and I have been thinking of getting back into Battlefield 3. I already have Karkand and Close Quarters doesn't sound appealing at all. So is the rest of the DLC worthwhile at this point or should I just wait for Battlefield 4?

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I would say that Aftermath and especially End Game are definitely worth it. End Game is by far the best expansion. The maps are excellent and the inclusion of dirt bikes is the best thing that ever happened to this game.

As for Armored Kill, everyone says the maps are way too big to accommodate the small player limit on consoles. That's really what has kept me from getting it.

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On the PC, Armored Kill and Endgame are unbelievably expansive and fun, but I'm someone who likes the classic BF experience

If I played on the console I think Aftermath would be the best map pack for 24 players

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I've been wanting the DLC as well but I figure by the time I even get use to the new maps to where I'm doing well, BF4 will be released. I'm not able to play as much BF3 as I would like so I might as well wait. Too many good games to play already!

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Definitely; End Game is a great collection of maps and I love Back to Karkand, even if it is just a bunch of rehashed maps from the earlier games.

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The only one I have is Armored Kill on Xbox and I love it. The maps are rather big but I have never really had an issue getting into a populated game. The only drawback is the damn AC130. Either you don't have it and it crushes you for an entire game session, or you have it and it gets shot down almost immediately. All in all pretty fun though.

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