Kick and Ban City

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Hey guys, i've been getting back into BF3 lately (trying to) and i keep getting kicked and banned from servers for performing well. Anyone else having this problem? Last night i was kicked 2 twice and banned once on XBL account, the kick and ban, i was playing on Caspian Border, Conquest. After protecting the A Checkpoint flag from a tank by damaging and stealing the tank with my repair torch, i then proceeded to kill 5 enemies with it and suddenly, ban. the second kick was from an admin in my squad because the other 2 people in my squad were being loners and not working together with us so he kicked all of us out. This morning on PS3, I was playing Conquest Domination on operation 925 and locking down the B flag with an assault rifile with IRNV (it's dark in the garage after all) suddenly, kicked again. Anyone else have this problem with BF3 server admins being kick and ban happy?

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When I was playing it a ton on 360 I noticed it would happen to me a lot some days and then others I would not have it happen at all. I guess that is what happens when players are allowed to rent their own servers.

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guess i was just taken back because i'd made it all the way up to level 40 on my 360 account having only ever been booted for being idle and then i'd gotten kicked from 3 games in 2 days across 2 platforms. I try to respect server rules even if i do find them ridiculous like no stingers or weapon and scope restrictions but none were stated on the servers i'd been on. Honestly i was reminded of this...

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I was getting kicked a lot before I realized that using shotguns is not permitted on most console servers (and I didn't properly read server descriptions). Haven't happened so much after that, though to be fair, I'm an average at best player.

If this is really souring you on the game, maybe play more on the official DICE or EA servers. You wont get kicked from those.

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@gkhan: Is there something wrong with shotguns in BF3? Never played it just curious

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they're more effective than most other weapons at close range. slugs can be a bit overpowered at medium range too. otherwise they perform as expected. people are just whiners. I've played on servers where people say "no stingers" which basically eliminates half the threats to anyone flying a jet or heli.

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I never been banned or seen people get banned while playing it on PS3, which for some reason I still play. If you are glitching or doing something that the admins of that server don't want, then that may be why.

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Never been kicked on PC. Probably because the server admins aren't children like on the 360.

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I found this an issue on the 360 version, since building my PC and playing the game there I've experienced very little admin abuse.

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@chiablo said:

Never been kicked on PC. Probably because the server admins aren't children like on the 360.

I've been kicked on PC a few times for "hacking" and "having an aimbot." I wouldn't even know where to get these things. I guess people just get mad that I'm a decent shot with the 870 slugs. I mean, what am I supposed to do, NOT kill them when I see them?

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its been this way since battlefeild 1942 when they install ban bots or the admin does it. always has always will be.

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I hate servers that impose stupid rules. If I break the rules, it would be nice to be told in a way that isn't trying to verbally abuse me or putting me down. In any case, I prefer servers that just let me play the game.

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I understand if admin kicks for breaking rules that were in the server description, but I hate getting kicked for being good or killing admin too often. I attract even more hate considering I use a bolt-action rifle but still move around capturing the flags, some people can't take a beating, especially from a sniper.

I really hope DICE would implement some sort of server rating system to reduce the amount of admin abuse BF3 is going through right now.

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