Looking To Add Some People To Play With

#1 Posted by SquareMatt (24 posts) -

Sorry if this topic was brought up pretty recently, I'm honestly too tired to bother looking through a few pages of the forum.

Anyway, I'm looking for some people to play some Battlefield 3 with. I don't really care what mode or map back or anything, I just play for fun.

SquareMatt if you want to add me!

#2 Posted by VanderSEXXX (569 posts) -

on which platform? my soldier ID is VanderSEXX.

#3 Posted by KirePDX (81 posts) -

If you're looking for 360, I'm getting back into it - Kire PDX...or KirePDX, can't remember if there is a space.

#4 Posted by Jetpaction (84 posts) -

You can add me as well on 360: Jetpaction.

is recently playing this as well by the way, according to the last couple of Bombcasts. would be fun to play together with him!

#5 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

Are you looking for US or EU people?

#6 Posted by SquareMatt (24 posts) -

Sorry I'm playing on PC, not 360.

I'm in the US but I play with some people from the EU area as well, so either is fine with me.

#7 Posted by squiDc00kiE (401 posts) -

Just added you bro. Feel free to add me, anyone who sees this. squiDc00kiE (those are zeros)

#8 Posted by fatalbanana (256 posts) -

Go ahead and add me and we can play sometime my SN is FatalBanana

#9 Posted by cloudnineboya (958 posts) -

just started replaying id is feelmyfoot

#10 Posted by bemusedchunk (841 posts) -

now that i've completed my kickass living room media machine/game station i'm going to see how well it handles bf3.

so i'll be playing again. my id is avifalafel.

#11 Posted by SquareMatt (24 posts) -

Alright just added another few of you guys!

Just to note though I use voice chat if possible, as I've discovered how much better the game plays with it.

#12 Posted by RJ (157 posts) -

I'm also looking for other Bombers to play with on PC, I've added everyone who's responded so far.

My Origin ID is Onliner2 , and I'm on PC as well. Feel free to add me, I play BF3 on a regular basis.

#13 Posted by VanderSEXXX (569 posts) -

@squarematt: Which region do you normally play? cause I normally play in Japanese servers cause my ping in EU or US is pretty high.

#14 Posted by SquareMatt (24 posts) -
#15 Posted by shatteringlast (271 posts) -

Just grabbed this on PC. Love it! I'm in US servers too. Origin ID = Shatteringlast... I'm not very original.

#16 Edited by V10superguy (2 posts) -

I've been looking for some PC team players too. I added everyone who was willing on this post.

#17 Posted by itspizza (460 posts) -

I picked this up over christmas on Origin and just started playing again. ID: itsapizza

#18 Edited by gexecuter (234 posts) -

I have the xbox 360 version, my gamertag is worriedstudent8. Plenty of people play everyday, it's kinda crazy.

#19 Edited by Capum15 (5137 posts) -

I recently got it and it would be nice to play with more people. Origin ID: Capum15Returns

#20 Edited by killacam (1320 posts) -

add me up and help me understand what's happening! camcammycamcam (PC)

#21 Posted by Kyelb22 (300 posts) -

Just swapped my 360 version for a pc copy to play on my new computer. Looking for people to play with. Origin I'd is Kyelb22

#22 Posted by Lubermans (22 posts) -

Been meaning to get back into bf3, lets do this duders. Origin Id: lubermans

#23 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

I don't have Premium. :( Missed out on the great offer during the Holiday sales. I do have the Karkand pack because I pre-ordered it way back when.

#24 Posted by 49th (3114 posts) -

Just recently started playing this again, add me on Origin! I am in the EU.

ID: 51st

#25 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

We have to hone our skills as Battlefield The Fourth is on the horizon and where there is smoke there is either a fire or someone smoking something, either way, we're going there.

#26 Posted by tariqari (478 posts) -

ID: TariQari

#27 Posted by CactusJack (148 posts) -

Just started getting back into this as well. Add me on PC


#28 Posted by Option (41 posts) -

Looking for anything to play online, so bored.

PC: DayLateGaming

#29 Edited by TheLastOtaku (44 posts) -

Hey guys I'm playing on PC as well. Playing with randoms is super boring and nobody ever uses voice chat. Hit me up with some friend requests: TheLastOtaku

Is there any GB platoon out there? Or do I have to join a platoon full of crazy people?

#30 Posted by ikilledthedj (372 posts) -

"ikilledthedj" just got premium on pc

#31 Posted by artdias (15 posts) -

playing EU, artdias90_

Not feeling motivated to play on ps3 multiplayer, though

#32 Posted by TehJedicake (947 posts) -

TehJedicake on PC =)

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