MP #4 Patch Interrupted (360)

#1 Posted by DrewHughes (62 posts) -

I had the internet connection drop out whilst updating to the new multiplayer patch released a few days ago and booted it up a while afterward to have it first tell me my data was incomplete re-reward all of my unlocks and premium status. It still works but there's no way (like it said) that the whole 1.44gb patch was finished. I wanted to check with discerning individuals in the community about re-downloading the patch before I do something stupid like delete all my info irreparably. Thanks in advance, BolderKing (PC) and Bolder King (360) if you want to squad up some time!

#2 Posted by big_jon (6181 posts) -

You should just be able to re download it, no deleting necessary.

#3 Posted by DrewHughes (62 posts) -

Still getting the "player data is damaged" warning but all the content pops in once I hit the main menu

#4 Posted by big_jon (6181 posts) -

@DrewHughes: I think this has happened to me, if it offers for you to just delete it go ahead, you will have to reset your settings though.

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