Pre-Order Code swapping?

#1 Posted by aperfecttool72 (27 posts) -

Hey duders -

So I ended up preordering from Amazon and ended up somehow getting 2 valid codes for their dog tag pack. I've already used one, but I was hoping to trade the other code with someone for their Gamestop Physical Warfare pack. I really want to rock that Type 88 LMG because I mainly play as support, but the only way to currently get it was via the preorder.

Is anyone willing to trade?

I hope this is cool to ask about on the forum, if not any mod can trash this topic.

My gamertag on the 360 is aperfecttool72 if you might just want to message me there instead about this.

Thanks guys & gaming gals!

#2 Posted by big_jon (5782 posts) -

Why don't you not be a dick and just give it away?

#3 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

Just give it away dude, that's what I did at least when I had an extra VIP access for Bad Company 2.

#4 Posted by aperfecttool72 (27 posts) -

Trying to trade is being a dick? Seriously?

So you two know, that if no one ended up wanted to trade after a couple of days I was just going to offer it up and give it away. Won't be to either of you two though.

#5 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

@aperfecttool72: I already have the amazon preorder bonus, but thanks for counting me out anyways for suggesting you to be courteous....very kind of you.

#6 Posted by aperfecttool72 (27 posts) -

@Unknown_Pleasures: I counted you out for jumping to conclusions as if I wasn't just going to offer it up after a while. I was just going to give it away as soon as I got it but then found out the one LMG is preorder only right now thanks to EA.

Usually if someone else has something you want you need to have something to give them to get it. Trading. I'm not trying to be a dick, but there is no need to jump on someone because I didn't just post the code in here for the first person that reads it to swipe it.

#7 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

@aperfecttool72: Your putting words into my mouth, where in my post did I suggest that you were never going to offer it up?....I was simply suggesting that you just give it away out of generosity, I was not commenting on what you would do if someone didn't trade you're the one making assumptions here....and I didn't call you a dick, nor was my post malicious in anyway yet you treated it as once again thank you.

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Just saying, when I have an extra code of limited value I give it away.

#9 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

This thread just made me realize I never entered my Physical Warfare Pack code.

#10 Posted by kalmis (1549 posts) -

Crap, I still haven't received my pre-order tag code.

#11 Edited by ICryCauseImEmo (513 posts) -

OP I understand where you are getting at. I see absolutely no reason to just give it away if you can benefit from it? It's not like he is being selfish if he was able to trade it to another person that trader will be benefiting as well. So just because he doesn't hand out things for free does make him a dick.

On a side note hope you get your physical warpack I love my type 88. Also I'm sure the 360 codes cant be used on pc and vise versa?

#12 Posted by Infininja (881 posts) -

I don't have a PWP to trade, but it will eventually unlock for everyone.

#13 Posted by glenchivas (3 posts) -

Ive got a spare SpecAct code if anyone's interested?

#14 Posted by briangodsoe (484 posts) -

@glenchivas said:

Ive got a spare SpecAct code if anyone's interested?

I'll take it

#15 Posted by glenchivas (3 posts) -

It's for 360

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