PS3 Squad?

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Do we have one?

EDIT: User Xeiphyer set one up. Click

#2 Posted by Cabbage_TheMan (268 posts) -

I am also quite interested in this. My id is "WildYorkies" if you want to play, but I was wondering if we could just pick a favorite server from the browser for all of us to play on.

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@Wuddel:  We don't, why don't you create a PS3 platoon, list the PSN IDs in the OP and get things going (:
#4 Posted by Wraxend (604 posts) -

My PSN: Wraxend if you wanna add me aswell.

#5 Posted by TJ311 (438 posts) -

If someone wants to make a platoon, that would be much easier.

#6 Posted by jpklis (58 posts) -

I'd love to join too. My PSN id is klisser.

#7 Posted by zichster (32 posts) -

I'll join, looking for players who communicate and are team based: ID "zichster"

#8 Posted by Wuddel (2309 posts) -

I will get my PS3 back in a few weeks, then I set up. Sorry people.

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Xeiphyer on PS3 reporting in. Watch my fly through the sky in a jet like a boss.
(and sometimes accidentally hit allied helicopters getting a penta team kill.)
EDIT: Created a PS3 Platoon@Wuddel: Edit your post and throw the link in there for people to find.

#10 Posted by Timmmycap (66 posts) -

I applied for the Platoon!! I hope I get in. PSN ID Timmmycap

#11 Posted by LiquidS (979 posts) -

PSN: LiquidSteele

I'll join the platoon soon as I can work out why Origins isnt linking with my PS3...

#12 Posted by Wraxend (604 posts) -

@Wuddel: Hey quite a few have submitted to join the platoon we just need you to verify them.

#13 Posted by mikey87144 (2000 posts) -

mine is cybershinigami87

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My PSN is advanced26, add me!

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Me too, PSN is same as username here.

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PSN: mjk_0

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@Wuddel: Sent in an app for the Platoon.

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Signing up, name on PS3 is Renegade Trout

#19 Posted by Jaresk (165 posts) -

Name is "Jaresk" everywhere.

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@Wraxend said:

@Wuddel: Hey quite a few have submitted to join the platoon we just need you to verify them.

Xeiphyer has to do that. Sorry. Meanwhile I am still waiting to receive my PS3 copy.

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Any Aussies here playing on the PS3?

PSN: Polyduekes, Battlelog: Polydeuka

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@Wuddel Sorry thoguht you had set up the Platoon, anyway its been sorted out now.

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So is there any way to play with people in this platoon if they are not on your friends list ?

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Application made! PSN id: slaphappy25

#25 Posted by McShank (1649 posts) -

Bump, Need more PS3 Peeps! I am alone most of the time!

#26 Posted by MuftyRiots (94 posts) -

@McShank: ...and your PSN is?

WLTM anyone that wants to do the Exfiltration and sniper co-op missions & then some point farming until the G3 is unlocked.

PSN: MuftyRiots

#27 Posted by McShank (1649 posts) -

Little-3-momo is my psn name.

Also, Bump again. need more peeps for the GB ps3 BF3 Squad!

#28 Posted by twi (94 posts) -

Applied Twi323

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This thread should be pinned.

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Dei Gratia GiantBombSquadus!

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