question about PS+ download

#1 Posted by langdon_alger (62 posts) -

anyone know how much free space I need to DL? The game says it's 12G, and I heard you need double to start the DL process. But I'm currently sitting at 33 GB free on my HD and it still says I don't have enough space.

#2 Posted by baracudadk2 (40 posts) -

i think there has to be space for both the download and the installation itself.

the install file doesn't delete itself until after its done installing to the hard drive. so that might be your problem.

#3 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1079 posts) -

There was an old bug that gave that error for game saves, even if you had more then enough space. Not sure if this is the same problem, but the fix was to add or delete something (any size file should do) from the hard drive to change the space available, then it would fix itself. If that fails maybe it really needs a stupid amount of space for some reason, just delete an old install from a game you don't plan on playing for some time.

#4 Posted by OldManLight (1080 posts) -

doesn't help you much but i got tired of figuring out how much space my PS+ games were gonna need so i just installed a 700 GB hard drive. no worries any more.

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