So what weapons would you like to see?

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Yep that's probably already done over at DICE and we really don't know what time period this is set in (at least I don't) but what weapons would you like to see? Assault rifles, carbines, sub-machine guns, LMGs, sniper rifles, pistols or anything crazy you can come up with, just name it. 
You'll call me a fag for this but the time-line inconsistency in Black Ops and Modern Warfare 1 & 2 kinda made me sad about the weapon selection. I'm hoping Battlefield 3 doesn't fall into the same trap. Personally there is one weapon that has to be in the game:

The AK 74, not as popular as the 47, not as modern as the 100 series but still used by 20+ countries today and every militia or "organization" out there...
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deleted dupe thread :)

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@Sweep: this is like the second time this week, sorry about that.
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@blacklabeldomm: No worries, happens a lot ;)
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@Sweep: You say that to all the ladies :( 
I say they should have all the guns in BF2 or BC, BC2, and MoH you know modern standard issue guns.
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Fewer pointless identical guns and a greater variety in "outside the box" weapons like EMPs.

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@Daveyo520: same old same old eh?
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P90, because it looks cool.

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Tac-50 or the Intervention, since I'm one of those sniper noobs.

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Can't go wrong with grenade launchers. 

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Smoke grenades.

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I really liked the M24 in BC2, hopefully it shows up. I think they'll include pretty much everything I'd like to see in the game, an MP5 would be cool.

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It could be one of the most violent weapons ever, or it could be one of the most unviolent weapons ever, depending on how you use it.
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I'd like to see the SCAR-H.

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@blacklabeldomm: Considering it's setting, yes. I don't want them to have lazers and junk, this isn't 2142. Also after market guns never made sense for standard military people. Like how for some reason in MW2 the Russian military is using French guns, etc. 
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As long as they keep ballistic bullshit knives and freaking RC cars out of my Battlefield I'll be happy.  
I really liked the weapons selection in BC2. Though, I wish there were more revolvers to choose from, possibly even some classical ones like a Colt Army or Dragoon. Why? I blame Stephen King.

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@blacklabeldomm: @Sweep: I created this thread almost a full month ago.
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I'm not going to bother listing guns such as the M16/M4 which are pretty much guaranteed to be in the game. Or any other very popular FPS guns.

United States / NATO



MK 14 EBR 



XM2010 ESR


M1014 Shotgun

Mk 48 LMG 

Just a quick rundown of what I would like to see. I'll add more when I have time.

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A gun that that shoots out Batmans.

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A realistically powered MK-19, belt fed, automatic, grenade launcher. Some games have them, but they're underpowered badly. It's probably because if they did have a realistic one, it would be far to overpowered and game breaking. Armor piercing grenade rounds fired at 325 rounds per minute = win.

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As my favorite gun ever i would very much like to see the G36C. 

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If the HK 417 makes it in, I'll be happy. 
And the XM2010. 
Yes I'm a sniper. 
Yes, I'll be killing you on wake island erryday.

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I want a lance... and a horse to accompany it if possible.
though if I have to settle for conventional firepower then perhaps a gun that shoots hedgehogs?

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@JA050N said:
" P90, because it looks cool. "
yeah, the P-90 is always my favorite gun when its included in games.

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