The Centurion C-RAM is indestructible...

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What is your opinion on this?  
Sure it was way too easy to destroy in BF2. One TVG or a burst from the jet's machine gun was all that was needed, which was often followed by a glorious tactical suppression (often referred to as baserape). Sure, DICE could increase the armor, I would understand... but to make it invincible?! OH MY GOD 
It's not that I would like to baserape, because I rarely do. The case here is that the range of the cannon is insanely long, so I can't get into a dogfight without being disturbed by this little annoyance. The only thing I can do is to fly away, but then I get my opponent behind me... I don't see why it is needed to make it indestructible either. Shooting down a jet coming straight towards you is fairly easy, so for the observant Centurion operator it is very possible to defend against an attack. 
But it's not like proper balancing is a part of DICE's trademark. Whatever, I just hate to lose :P

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@foggel: I think it's fine as is. I only see people using it when they're getting destroyed or on Noshahr Canals where you can hit land from the aircraft carrier. If i'm reading you right, the only real problem you have is its range. I feel like if they were overpowered I'd always see people in them shooting down things, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Personally I don't fly jets much (I haven't even unlocked the heat seekers), but I think they're fine.

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When I'm bored, I like to get in one of those. So this probably speaks poorly about my skill more than anything else, but I've only downed one or two jets with that thing. The range of the gun is insanely long, but I usually can't hit a pilot who has self-preservation on his mind. So as a defensive tool, it works by harassing, and not necessarily destroying, enemy air. And I'm OK with that.

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The only time when they are viable for destroying aircraft is when they are trying to attack the base, jets usually seem to escape, but helicopters are easy prey

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You can destroy the CRAM with C4 or a direct TV Missile. Basically high-splash damage explosive.

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For some odd reason, I felt like this needed to be posted...

I'm so sorry guys...

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@foggel: I guess another question would be. How do you think they compare with having AA emplacements sprinkled around a map?

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@gpbmike: Well. Battlefield 2 had both AA emplacements and AA vehicles spread around the maps, but I never considered them a balancing problem. They were all destructible, so if you were a good enough pilot you could defend yourself. I think I prefer this solution to the current solution in Battlefield 3. But maybe I don't like it because it's a change.
And to answer your previous comment, I see what you mean and yeah I guess I agree. If they truly were overpowered I guess players would sit in them all the time. But at the same time I think this is a matter of perspective. If one believe the baseraping should not be allowed and as such entering the airspace of the main base, then the AAs should be able to defend against an attack no matter what the skill level of the operator. But if one believes that the whole map is a battlefield, and not just the cap zones, then one might percieve the Centurion as overpowered in the sector it operates. The minute a jet flies above a harrier, someone is likely to get into the AA. 
Come to think of it, this might bring a new tactical element into the game. One must try to keep the dogfighting in friendly airspace. Maybe I'll grow into liking it eventually.
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I never got shot down by one before. Also I have never shot down a plane with one. They have great range, but they do shit damage in my experience. I hit a plane with a few good bursts and I didn't even see smoke come from his plane.

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I agree it's retarded. I've caught one shooting in the other direction and I strafed + bombed it and...nothing. Then it shot me down. Then I threw my computer out the window.

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@foggel: My brothers both fly a lot in jets and helicopters. I like the Mobile AA and will often have them bait enemy aircraft to me.

The problem in BF2 was that the AA emplacements were always the first thing targeted while in the air. Often I wasn't defending myself so much as preemptively striking. Once that was taken out you didn't have to worry about being shot down. You always knew where the emplacements were and you could take them out with a TV guided missile while en route before they're even occupied. While the AA emplacements are gone, In BF3 you can spawn with a stinger and hide from the helicopters. SOFLAMs are much more popular now. If you get one of those up and targeting a helicopter it won't be long before you see multiple javalins in the air. I've also shot down plenty of helicopters with the tanks guided shells with someone in the CITV spot. I think staying in one area as a helicopter is much more difficult in BF3.

Personally I believe 'baseraping' shouldn't be allowed. I wonder what having auto-turrets would be like. For instance, bases could have guns that target enemy vehicles and projectiles to create a 'safe zone'. You'd probably have to put the bases farther away from the main battle. Hmm.

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Baserape is fine. If your team has done so poorly that you have been pushed back to your base, you deserve to be pounded into the ground until the tickets run out. Find a good team, play competently, and you will never have to worry about baserape.

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