Top 3 Worst Default Spawn Experiences (Not Squadspawn)

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  1. Spawned under a main battle tank and suffering an instant roadkill on Caspian Border CQ 64 Antenna.
  2. Spawned facing a crouched engineer and a tank maincannon staring at me point blank in perfect symmetry. Hilarity of instant 120mm tankshell to the head ensues. Courtyard spawn on Seine Crossing CQ 64.
  3. A gazillion other stupid instances of 'spawn right infront of threat XY'.

The spawnsystem seems to lack any kind of spawn-improving algorithms trying to prevent cheap deaths. It's been an issue since BF1942 and it was bad to varying degrees in every iteration of Battlefield. I can't think of a shooter with respawning mechanics that's not suffering from spawn-system related grief. BF3 ranks pretty damn high on the list of games with 'most grievous spawn mechanics' ever. Can't understand how no designer addresses FPS spawn mechanics. I can imagine 1001 ways to attempt a solution, yet I don't even see anyone try. Reviewers don't even mention this stuff in reviews anymore. Spawning has always been somewhat broken in all online shooter games and hence is a non-issue. Aggrivating.

Off the top of my head. Designated and signalized spawn zones where-in the spawning players are at an advantage (by whatever means you deem fit). Make it impossible to be raped cheaply from within, but suppressable and controlable from afar (from the related objective). That'd be what I'd try first. Just seems like FPS developers are too lazy to code all the creative design solutions to find what's better than the 'grievous spawn shit' everybody's doing. *sarcasm ON* At least we get more shiny graphics with every iteration. *sarcasm OFF*

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Seriously? Nobody got a spawn horrorstory and a 'lil hate to share? Or is just everyone absorbed into Skyrim right now?

Dang - I really need to get my copy now.

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Fairly certain I default spawned directly into the knife animation at C flag at Noshanir Canals. My weapon didn't even raise, just transitioned smoothly into being stabbed.

My biggest gripe about the spawn system (apart from the problems you mentioned) is the system's propensity to drop you back into the deploy by default. Select a squadmate. If that squadmate dies anytime between you clicking on his name and clicking 'deploy', you're going back to the uncap. Where you will probably end up running behind an empty exiting vehicle with one guy behind the wheel.

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My only real gripe with spawning is when you are about to spawn but your team loses the conquest point or your squad mate dies and you end up at deployment. This is worst when playing US Canals and as you spawn someone has just left with the last boat and you have to wait for one to pop again.

I've also lost count of the number of times I've spawned and been insta killed by a mortar on Seine. I try not to spawn at B for this reason!

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My single worst experience is taking down an enemy trying to cap a held point, reloading, then having 3 of his squad members spawn on his corpse. Obviously to them he was still alive, to me he wasn't, but I sure as shit was dead after. If the server was laggy as hell I'd think nothing of it, but everything before and after that point was just fine. And it happens quite a lot too, at random. After the first experience I kind of just sit and wait for phantom spawners to appear out of no where. I imagine they're pretty pissed to get spawn killed, but I'm not going to hold the trigger because the spawning system in this game is... dare I say... broken?

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Yeah, these sorts of things have happened to me far too many times. Especially in Siene Crossing. Instant death at least three times at one time. I hope DICE will try to fix this.

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