WARNING: 4GB XBOX 360 Models CANNOT Install the HD Texture Pack

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So it would have been nice to get a heads up on this from DICE or EA, but you can't install the HD texture pack unless you have upgraded your 4GB XBOX with an official XBOX HDD (Or an old HDD from an older XBOX memory pack). A USB stick or Flash Memory stick will not do and you will get the error:

"This game only permits installing HD content on the XBOX 360 Hard Drive"

Maybe a USB/Flash Drive cannot BUS the content quick enough -- thought I really don't see this being the case given that I can play games off of it. The flash memory in the 4GB model provides enough space for the HD content so I simply cannot understand why they have decided to do this.

Ultimately this means you HAVE to play with no textures unless you upgrade the hardware (I don't mind doing this but some advance warning would have been nice).

A lot of people have this product and sure a lot of people upgrade their hardware. My problem is that at no point has any warning or announcement been made about this. So after attending a midnight launch I come home and have to play a VERY bland looking game.

Understandably a lot of people are annoyed about this:


Anybody else suffering with this?

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Good old Microsoft and their bullshit HDDs.

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THis reminds me of the halo reach stuff and multiplayer stuff

its just bs.

seems i have to get a 250gb hdd :/

in forza 4 you could install all the cars on the 4gb model, even though on a usb stick, even though replays don't work on forza 4 on the 4gb model

Anyone know a good ebay link for a 250gb model?

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Good thing I don't give a crap about Battlefield.

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